Tuesday Aug 07, 2007

JSPWiki and Apache


Interesting news afoot! Dave and Janne report that the JSPWiki commiters have voted to submit JSPwiki to ASF as an incubator project (check out the Manifesto and the Proposal).

JSPwiki is used by the wikis from GlassFish, OpenPortal, OpenDS, Open-ESB and many other sites. JSPWiki is also Integrated with Roller.

It will be interesting to see how the presence of this effort will impact the wiki landscape. I know I'd like to see a very easy-to-install version on GlassFish v3 not too far in the future.

Friday Mar 09, 2007

Complete Recipe for Running JSPWiki on GlassFish

JSP Wiki Logo

It's no secret that JSPWiki runs well on GlassFish. In fact, it's what we use to run the the project's own wiki.

Others have previously written instructions for running JSPWiki on GlassFish, but it's probably safe to say that none have gone into as much depth as Dennis Gesker. He has just published a complete recipe which documents each step in getting from a blank OS to a working Wiki (including installation of the JDK and GlassFish, database configuration, JSPWiki application deployment, and more).

Friday Sep 29, 2006

Sun Web Server as a Web 2.0 Platform

Sun's Web Server 7.0 is a very important release for the product. The release includes things like Cluster Management (targetted at large sites like MLB.com) but the Java Web Tier is Closely Related to GlassFish and pretty much all the Web Tier-based applications that run on GlassFish should run on the Web Server, modulo configurations (or relying on the latest Web Tier specs, but that will get fixed).

jMaki Logo

CVR's latest blog reviews a number of Web 2.0 Applications running on SJS WS. For the details, check these blogs: Deploying JSPWiki by Sriram (and see the Companion Arcticle); JAAS Login Configuration for JSPWiki) by Joe; and Running jMaki, by Sabada.

Thursday Sep 14, 2006

JSPWiki 2.4.x on GlassFish

JSP Wiki Logo

We use JSPWiki in our GlassFish Wiki and we are a happy customer (BTW, contact us if you Want to Help). We are using the latest JSPWiki (2.4.x); Senthil configured the Wiki on GlassFish V1 and his latest blog describes the installation steps in detail.