Tuesday Sep 05, 2006

New jMaki Tutorials for JSP and JSFv

jMaki Logo

There are two new tutorials that explain how to use jMaki. The first one shows how to use jMaki widgets in JSP pages, the second how to use jMaki widgets as a JSF component. Also see the earlier tutorial that introduces jMaki Components.

Thanks to Jennifer for the tip.

Tuesday Aug 15, 2006

Jetty has integrated the JSP compiler from Project GlassFish

Jetty Logo

Jan reports that Jetty Has Integrated the GlassFish JSP compiler and it has nice things to say about us.

The GlassFish Team is actively supporting this reuse, typical of open source projects (see DTrace in Leopard) and it factored out the JSP compiler to make it possible to Use the JDT Compiler in JSP compilations. I expect more cross-project sharing / recombinations in the future.

Added: Also check out Jan (Bartel)'s blog.

Tuesday Aug 01, 2006

Even Faster! JSP Compilation with Mustang and GlassFish

An F/A-14C Breaking the Sound Barrier

Most JSP implementations translate a JSP file into a Java source file and then compile it, which means that Java compilation speed is a key factor in the JSP development experience. Recently Jan reported on how to use the JDT Compiler to get a substantial improvement but Kin-Man now reports even Better Results.

Kin-Man updated the JSP GlassFish compiler to dynamically use the JSR-199 APIs when running on Mustang so it can bypass both ant and the file system. The results are very good: JSP compilation is around 10x faster and the JSP test-suite is now running 3.5x times faster!

This is already checked into GlassFish V2 and will be in the next promotion b11, and in the first milestone. And Kin-Man also has further improvements to try out...

Tuesday Jul 11, 2006

Using Eclipse's JDT Compiler in Project GlassFish

Eclipse Logo

Tomcat 5.5 by default uses the Eclipse JDT Compiler instead of the javac from Sun's SDK and one of the requests on Project GlassFish has been to be able to use JDT for JSP compilation. Jan just modified Jasper to accomplish this; read the instructions from Jan's Blog Entry.

BTW, Kin-Man is, separatedly, working on allowing Jasper to use the Mustang standard javac API, which should give substantial performance improvements; stay tuned.

Friday May 12, 2006

jMaki is Out

Nigiri and Maki Sushi

Greg has released jMaki (Maki as in the japanese word for "wrapper"), a technology for wrapping AJAX widgets so they can be used in JSP or JSF applications. The process of creating a new encapsulation is very easy, and Ludo is also working on a NetBeans module for it. Geertjan has a good interview of Greg and Ludo where they go in detail about the technology (although I'm surprised Geertjan didn't ask about using Wicket with jMaki :-]).

There is good buzz about this technology; see Jaime's blog and more blogs. Also see articles from both InfoWorld and Yahoo. The jMaki project site includes good documentation, and also stay tuned for the NB module that Ludo has promised us.

Monday May 08, 2006

Using Enums for Navigation in JSP and JSF

A baby tiger

Enums are a new feature in J2SE 1.5 (Tiger) that can be used to replace, with substantial benefits, the old Typesafe Enum pattern (see Effective Java, item 21). If you are not familiar with them, a good description is available online.

Enums are very handy and JSF 1.2 (in Java EE 5) now allows for their use in MethodExpressions, which happens pretty transparently when just passing values through. Using enum literals is less straight-forward, but Ryan presents a pattern enabling How to Use Enums so that one can say things like <h:outputText value="#{navigation.test}"> to refer to the enum value test.

There is some boilerplate but the end result is reasonable. But Ryan wonders if there is a cleaner solution, so check it out and send him improvements if you have any.

Monday May 01, 2006

Way to Go! JCP approves final specs for Java EE 5, EJB 3.0, Java Persistence API, and more...

Alonso on a Renault

The JCP has approved the final versions of the Java EE 5 Platform (results), Enterprise Java Beans 3.0 and Java Persistence API (results), JSP 2.1 (results), and JSF 1.2 (results). Check the voting records: everybody voted, and everybody voted YES on all (but for one abstention vote on JSF 1.2); this shows wide support for the new specs.

Previously the JCP had approved the WS specifications. Now just waiting for the TCK and RI (GlassFish) to complete.