Wednesday Mar 11, 2009

GlassFish Webinar: From Ajax Push to JSF 2.0: ICEfaces on GlassFish


The presenter at tomorrow's webinar is Ted Goddard; he will detail how to write rich interface applications using Ajax and Comet using JSF and ICEfaces and will also describe how these relate to the new JSF 2.0 specification in JavaEE 6.

Presentation at 11am US Pacific, at TheAquarium Channel. Full details (and recordings) at the Show Page.

Thursday Mar 05, 2009

Look Ma! No faces-config.xml!


Last summer Ryan wrote a very nice JSF 2.0 Preview Series but then he got pretty busy; today he came by my office and said he will start posting again.

As a first installment, check his note on Implicit Navigation in JSF 2.0; this means that faces-config.xml is not needed in many cases. I think bookmarkable pages is next in Ryan's agenda - that has been a very recent addition to the spec.

JavaOne 2009 is around the corner, so we should expect more Java EE 6 activity; the spec is shaping up very nicely...

BTW, on a somewhat related note, check out Ed's writeup regarding improving transparency on the JSF 2.0 expert group. Baby steps, in the right direction.

Wednesday Feb 11, 2009

JSF 2.0 PR2 - Now Available (but remember to set "View All Versions!")


The JSF team has released a New Version of JSF 2.0 (release notes, changelog, JSF). We welcome and encourage feedback, although note this is an early access, spec and implementation-wise.

You can install the ZIP manually or the IPS repositories automatically using either the admin console or the update tool. The repositories are very convenient but check what is your preferred repository and remember to set your "View All Versions!" - see ScreenShot.

We are working on improving the experience of using the repositories; your feedback is very appreciated.