Thursday Jan 08, 2015

Initial milestone of JSF 2.3

The JSF Expert Group has started to work actively on the next version of the JSF specification (JSF 2.3 - JSR 372) that is slated for inclusion in Java EE 8.  We are still far from the planned date for the finalisation of the specification but we can already see progress as they are being made.  The initial milestone of Mojarra (JSF Reference Implementation) has just been released (download it here).  The Release Notes describes the bugs fixed but also the new features introduced in this milestone.  And from that list, we can see that a lot of focus is put around improving the JSF/CDI integration.

So despite the fact that we are in the early days of JSF 2.3, it is already possible to test some of the new features.  And since Mojarra is open source, it is also possible to use, at any time, the current Mojarra snapshot.  Josh Juneau who is a JSF 2.3 EG member has written a post explaining how to build Mojarra directly from the sources.  So feel free to give JSF 2.3 a(n early) try and provide feedback, this is important for the evolution of the JSF specification. 

We have the usual fine print to conclude, we are still far from the finalization of JSF 2.3, a lot of things will evolve and this is clearly 'work in progress' but transparency is important!

Tuesday Jul 22, 2014

JavaServer Faces 2.3 (JSF 2.3)

Ed Burns (Specification Lead of JSF 2.2 - JSR 344) has just posted a draft JSR proposal for JavaServer Faces 2.3. Manfred Riem will help Ed to drive JSF forward. If you have been involved in the JSF community, you should know Manfred already as he is very active in that community!

The exact content of this JSR will discussed and agreed by the Expert Group but Ed is suggesting some initial ideas such as Multi-field validation, EL performance optimizations and cross-form Ajax clarifications.

As mentioned in the previous post, CDI is becoming increasingly important across the Java EE platform. @Inject FacesContext and ‘Ajax method invocation’ are two of the features that Ed is proposing to improve the CDI / JSF integration.  ‘Ajax method invocation’ is a feature that would allow invoking CDI managed bean methods directly from Ajax, allowing the response to be sent using JSON.

It should be noted that previous versions of JSF intentionally lagged one version behind the Java EE version in which it was bundled (e.g. JSF 2.2 is part of Java EE 7 but it also works on top of Java EE 6). This release plans to abandon this approach in favor of being able to leverage platform features from Java EE 8 and Java SE 8.

So if you have any feedback before the JSF 2.3 JSR proposal is submitted to the JCP, now is the time to raise your voice!