Friday Feb 22, 2008

GlassFish v3 M2 Now Available!

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Christmas in February!

It took a bit longer than I expected but the GlassFish v3 M2 is now available. This release supports the Java Web Container (no JSF so far) and JRuby on Rails. Also supported are multiple HTTP listeners and Virtual Servers.

Have fun! Downloads and Available Commands.

Saturday Feb 16, 2008

JRuby 1.1 RC2 Now Available! Help Test It!

JRuby Logo

JRuby 1.1 RC2 is Now Available. Quoting from the relase, changes include:

• 260 issues resolved since JRuby 1.1RC1
• Large IO refactoring
• Memory improvements for JIT'd methods

The team is soliciting feedback to assess if it can move from a Release Candidate to a final release.

Thursday Feb 14, 2008

Updates of Popular GF Bundles - Liferay 4.4.1 and v3 Ruby GEM


Updates to two popular GlassFish-based bundles. The GF v3 Gem now has a a Bug Fix Update (v0.1.1); Pramod also includes plans for v0.1.2. The second is Liferay 4.4.1, also mostly bug fixes.

I enjoy data mining, so I poked around a bit at the download stats. The GF-based Liferay bundles have been increasing, from 5.4% in 4.3.0 to 15.1% in 4.4.1. And, since JBoss Portal 2.6.4 released the exact same day as Liferay 4.4.1, a comparison between the two was easy: 3778 for Liferay and 1053 for JBoss Portal.

Sunday Feb 10, 2008

GlassFish v3 Ruby Gem - Now at RubyForge


The GlassFish (v3) Gem (older TA entries) has moved and it now lives at RubyForge.

Arun gives Details on the Gem and the Move and also, separately, reports on interest on the Gem and other JRuby at the Acts_as_Conference 2008 ([Day 1] and [Day 2]).

The Gem is a very interesting direction; not yet ready for production, but we are trying to move as quickly as we can. BTW, most of the GFv3 development traffic has succesfully moved to the DEV alias, and you can trak it there.

Tuesday Jan 29, 2008

Vivek's New Job - Technical Lead for Scripting on GlassFish

Vivek Pandey

Vivek has a new job: help make GlassFish (v2 and v3) the preferred platform for scripting on the server-side.

What languages? JRuby for sure, but we want them all, from Groovy to PHP to Jython, to... Choosing the winner is hard, we want the winner to choose us!

Check Vivek's blog for his announcement, and for his first weekend project: a Ruby Plugin for Hudson. And contact him if you want to help with the effort!

Sunday Jan 27, 2008

New Mediacast Portal now using JRuby on GlassFish


The Mediacast team (the companion to BSC for large media files) has rewritten the application using JRuby, Rails, Goldspike and GlassFish.

Igor has a good Writeup describing the good and the bad. I know that the area around memory comsumption and performance is improving rapidly right now; we will see how things look like by JavaOne.

Week Highlights - IzPack, LifeRay, JRuby, GAP

A slow week; I was still catching up from the Trip to Orlando.

• GF Community - New IzPack Installer and GreenFire
• HowTo - Combining JMX and Management in GlassFish
• New Portal Bundles - Liferay 4.4.0 and GlassFish
• Community Programs - Grants Program and Registration Page
• Web.Next - GlassFish and Ruby Meetup

Saturday Jan 26, 2008

GlassFish in Ruby Meetup 99 - Jan 29, 7pm

Ruby Meetup Icon

Interested in knowing how GlassFish provides easyt-to-use, robust and "green" development and deployment environment for JRuby-on-Rails applications ?

Like to know how jMaki provides visually appealing views for Rails application ?

Attend South Bay Ruby Meetup (a.k.a Ruby Meetup 99) on Jan 29, 7pm. Read details here.

Be prepared to ask questions by reading the previous related entries :)

Sunday Jan 13, 2008

Week Highlights - Holidays, Jersey, Metro, SPECweb2005, Production-Ready ...

I've not done a Weekly since Dec 23rd due to the Holiday Break (Bon Nadal!). Many people Took the Break but the is still plenty of content:


• Hudson - News Roundup, Works Like a Charm and You can Help.
• Web.Next - jMaki with Jersey, Social Network Bundle and a RESTful Toolkit
• HowTo - Using Metro, LifeRay, Continuum, Spring 2.5 and Mod_Proxy
• Advocacy - New GUG, Atlanta and Sydney, Comet and Grizzly Slides and the GAP Program
• Adoption - Kind Words, December Stats and GF blogs Around the World
• Ready for Production - Overwiew, Migration and new SPECweb2005 Record
• Future - GFv3 Map, New gem and Podcast, HK2 and NB6 and Sailfin M3
• New Releases - JDK 6 U4 and JSF Components from Woodstock and Manor Rock
• Misc - A Troubleshooting Guide and Reducing CO2

Thursday Jan 10, 2008

Hudson - pretty simple and works like a charm

JRuby CI Hudson Test Results

"Great tool for your continuous integration needs", "pretty simple and works like a charm" and "truly a sweet tool" are phrases commonly associated with Hudson. This time they are coming from JRuby / Ruby community.

This post describes how to setup Hudson for running your Ruby and JRuby tests. The post describes a gem CI:Reporter that formats the test results in XML format that can then be easily consumed by Hudson.

And if you want to show your support for Hudson, go visit the CafePress Store.

Sunday Jan 06, 2008

GlassFish v3 Gem - Now smaller & Updated

Natural Ruby Gem

All natural Rubies have imperfection but become of excellent quality after treatment and command a large premium.

Pramod has started the treatment of GlassFish v3 gem and published an updated version which is already 20% smaller (2.4 MB instead of 2.9 MB). A consolidated list of improvements is described in my blog.

Help us in further treatment by downloading the gem, trying it out, and filing bugs on issues you care.

Also read How to Build GF v3 Gem and Mephisto on GlassFish v3 Gem.

Sunday Dec 16, 2007

Week Highlights - JPA poll, JRuby on UC, CommunityOne, Metro 1.1, OpenSSO B2

Cookie Jar

• Feedback - JPA Providers, GF Installation Experienc
• Events - Facebook Groups, JW Article, C1 Submissions, GF Day in Sydney
• OpenSSO - Build 2 Available
• Future Previews - Metro 1.1, New GFv3 Builds
• Web Tier - Session Identity for Mobile Devices
• Web.Next - JRuby in the Update Center
• Infrastructure - Shoal Article

Thursday Dec 13, 2007

jRuby and GoldenSpike on GlassFish - via Update Center

Two Engines fce to face

Pramod has pushed to the GlassFish Update Center Repository a freshly minted version (2.0) of the "Ruby on GlassFish Module". This includes JRuby 1.0.2, GoldSpike 808 and all you need, including Rails, Rake, ActiveRecord and more. It even comes with three samples: HelloWorldRailsApp, cookbook, and Mephisto 0.7.3.

All you need to do to get started is fire the latest UpdateTool from GFv2 UR1, as in:


...And, no!, you didn't miss the announcement, the formal release for GFv2 UR1 won't happen until early next week, but you could go get the latest RC. Get all the details from Pramod's writeup.

Wednesday Dec 12, 2007

Facebook Groups: OpenDS, OpenSSO, GlassFish, jMaki, JRuby, Phobos

Here are some of the Facebook groups that might be of interest to readers of TheAquarium:

Facebook logo


Please add those that I missed in the comments to this entry.

Sunday Dec 02, 2007

Q & A on Metro, jMaki and JRuby

Arun's Picture

Arun has started an interesting practice: after he gives talks, he is publishing blog entries capturing the Q&A that usually follows the presentations.

Check out the First Q&A, after the presentation at Seattle, and the Second Q&A, after the presentations at Toronto and Montreal. Both presentations covered Metro, jMaki and GlassFish.

The questions also included OpenLaszlo, .Net, OpenPoral, Dojo, Reliable Messaging, Performance, and many more. Check them out!