Tuesday Sep 28, 2010

2 Million Requests/Day on GlassFish and Other JavaOne Stories

The official JavaOne messages are the Press Releases and GlassFish shows up in a couple from Oracle: Open Source Community and Java Platform but I wanted to highlight some other interesting stories that came up this week.


The afternoon started with the Community Event/BOF/Unconference, and, IMVHO, attendance totally rocked: it was SRO and people stayed for 2 hours.  Many folks in production with GlassFish 2 and with GlassFish 3.  Plenty of energy, we presented an updated roadmap (I'll let you know when slides are available), discussed how to move past Java EE 6 and virtualization and cloud requirements, and showed demos from GlassFishVideos and from Johan's RedFX.

No GlassFish during Larry's Sunday keynote on the Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, but the progression/funnel GlassFish -> WebLogic Server/Application Grid -> Exalogic is one of the many ways in which Oracle benefits from GlassFish.

The evening ended with our GlassFish party; we didn't have the Black Eyed Peas, but everybody had a great time.  During the party we made some progress on few topics and started some others.  Two areas I can point to are:

JRuby - tweet and forum post


Hub City - tweet and web site

More on these (and others) in the future.


Plenty of references to GlassFish in the Monday Keynote.

It was very gratifying, from Thomas Kurian's mentions, to Mike Lehmann's demo and t-shirt, and BioWare use of GlassFish. See our Earlier Report for more details.


Tuesday was the formal BOF with the GlassFish Product Managers (AdamL and JohnC).  Good bi-directional Q&A.  At the end I handed out GlassFish Community Posters (20'x30') as treats to get people to tell us stories about GlassFish.  Probably the most interesting testimonial was

ESPN - they run pretty much all of ESPN.com on 30-40 instances of GlassFish, including the major league baseball, and march madness. They can easily get 1 to 2 M requests a day on a single GlassFish.

Needless to say, their architect got a poster.  Ah! we also handed out the GlassFish 5th anniversary shirts; I was left only with XL and S, which disappeared back in SCA 22 on Friday.

And More?

I'm sure I missed some stories; post as comments and I'll update this entry.  And when the incipient leads convert into real stories, I'll report on them.

All-in-all, a solid JavaOne for GlassFish; I hope it will help convince people that Oracle is really committed to GlassFish... because it makes business sense for Oracle to do so.

Monday Sep 06, 2010

Lady Java, Sparky, Duke... and the Butler at JavaZone 2010

This week is JavaZone, the conference organized in Oslo by JavaBin.  Alexis presented on GlassFish there in 2007 (video) and this year's conference seems will be the best so far, both for its technical program and the fun activities.

Starting with the fun part, check out these two, very professional looking, videos:

Video #1: is the Java 4 Ever trailer.

The cast for the video includes Williams Windows, Scala Johansson, Eddie Larrison and LennyLinux.  The video reminds me of the early JavaOne videos, specially that confessional about the impure thoughts - anybody has a link to a copy online?

Video #2 is a LadyJava Music Video.

The title character is performed by Jenny Skavlan (no.Wikipedia and en). It looks like most of the rest of the cast were volunteers; see invitation to recording. The music video is already available at YouTube - where it has already collected more than 260K views!

This one does not remind me of any JavaOne videos :-)  Check it out and you will see..

On the technical side, the Program Catalog includes sessions representing many of our friends & relatives, including:

As usual with these conferences, there are other events aligning with it, including a Hudson Meetup and a ForgeRock party where Alexis will present about GlassFish.

Post conferences reports, and get ready for JavaOne - it is just around the corner.

Sunday Nov 08, 2009

Extra GlassFish News - Nov 8th, 2009

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This is the first of our weekly news catch-up and covers Nov 1 to Nov 11, 2009. This week the news catch-up is partial; next week I'll create the entry through the week and will try to be more comprehensive.

This week we also cover old news on JRuby and OSGi.

GlassFish and Middleware News

Predicting our Systems Future

From the past: OSGi in GlassFish (triggered by this thread):

From the past: JRuby on GlassFish (triggered by this thread)

Friday Sep 18, 2009

Free Webinar - Deploy Rails Applications to GlassFish


Arun will give a Webinar on deploying Rails Applications to GlassFish next Wednesday. Details at the Registration Page and at Arun's post; the summary is:

Topic: Deploy Your Rails Apps on GlassFish Webinar
Date: Wednesday, September 23, 2009
Time: 10:00 am PDT / 1:00 pm EDT / 19.00 CET
Duration: 1 hour
Speaker: Arun Gupta, GlassFish Evangelist

I've entered this event in the GlassFish Events Calendar. Let us know of any events that are relevant to the GlassFish community so we can capture them there.

Tuesday Jul 28, 2009

JRuby and EngineYard


Today's Buzz on JRuby talks about Charles, Nick, and Tom joining EngineYard to continue the development of JRuby. See Charle's Post on EY's blog and also his Comments at eWeek.

Best wishes to our friends at EY, and looking forward to keeping GlassFish v3 the best server-container for JRuby.

Wednesday May 13, 2009

Three JRuby on GlassFish Deployment Stories: Kenai, LinkedIn and JotBot


Arun has added three new, JRuby-based entries to our Adoption Stories. The first story is about Kenai, and is a model story for GlassFish Portfolio: Apache HTTPD Server, Memcached, MySQL, JRuby and GlassFish Server (it is also a bit recursive, as JRuby lives on Kenai).

The other two stories are about LinkedIn Polls and JotBot. JotBot is unusual in that JRuby is used on both client and server side.

Thursday Mar 19, 2009

Daemons and More - GlassFish v3 Gem 0.9.3 is Out


The GlassFish Gem is a GFv3 server for Rack-based Ruby Frameworks (specifically Rails, Sinatra, Merb). Vivek and team have just released 0.9.3 which includes improvements and features like Deamon Mode, GFrake Task, Configuration, Logging and Error Reporting, Sinatra support and more. Check Vivek's writeup for full details.

And this is a good opportunity to link to Arun's list of posts on how to test that GlassFish and JRuby/Rails are working well together, testing: GF Gem, GF v3 Prelude, GF v3, GF v2 + Warbler and GF v3 and Redmine. Check them out.

Tuesday Jan 20, 2009

MySQL and GlassFish Webinars - Sailfin, JRuby, High Availability, and more

In the last few months Sun has expanded significantly our online outreach efforts and we currently have (at least :-)) three Webinar series that cover the GlassFish products. Going through them:


The MySQL webinars are polished presentations that are broadcasted in high-quality and targeted at specific busines needs. Future presentations include Binod on MySQL and SailFin and Arun on JRuby, NetBeans and GlassFish. These presentations are also available for Replay.

A very similar series is the new Software Webinar series. Future events include OpenSSO and MDM; replays available include GlassFish HA and more.

Finally, we also have our weekly TheAquarium Online. These Community presentations, broadcasted using uStream.TV are more informal and technical.

Sunday Nov 30, 2008

... JSF 2.0 Samples, Merb Support, More Prizes, Multi-Lingual Downloads, JavaFX, Modular JDK

A compilation of news of interest:

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JSF 2.0 went into Public Review Draft and Jim has posted more entries in his series showing how to take advantage of the new functionality. In the first one, he describes how to write an AJAX-aware Editable Text Component - sources are here. The second is a SwitchList - sources for an AJAX-aware variant are here (I suspect Jim will write about that version soon).

Arun has written two pieces on how to use the GlassFish v3 Gem with Merb. In the first one he covers the basics while the second Provides a Scaffold for a typical application. The posts have already been used successfully by Ashley Towers, Grant Michaels, iamclovin. Aded - Also check on details on Grant's Experience.

The winners of the Student Contest on MySQL and GlassFish (Official Rules, Announcement) have been announced. They are grouped into two categories, Campus Ambassadors and General Students, with one Grand Prize and several (4/3) Second Prizes on each. The winners are from Brazil (4), India (3), China (1) and the US (1). Full details (and photos) in the Winner Announcement - and thanks to Arun for the tip.

More Translations, this time of the download pages of GlassFish v3 Prelude to 7 languages: German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese - see Ogino's Note;

JavaFX will be launched this Thursday, Dec 4th, but the previews are starting to show. Chris - the original inventor of F3, the precursor to JavaFX - has a Thank-you note, while Robert has published the Reference Manual (thanks to Octavian for the tip). Stay tuned for more news during the launch.

And, in the meantime, on OpenJDK-land, Mark is describing the issues involved in today's Monolithic JDK, which we need to address if we want this infrastructure to be widely available as the basis for efforts like JavaFX.

Monday Nov 17, 2008

New GlassFish GEM Release (0.9, almost there)

I'm late - Vivek and Jacob announced it ten days ago - but I can't let it go by: the 0.9 release of the GlassFish Gem is now available.


So, what does Glassfish gem get you? As Jacob writes...

Briefly, it gives you everything from glassfish v3 prelude in a small, easy-to-use package. It's a production-quality application server with all of the features that I've been talking about here: auto-runtime configuration, merb/rack support, application auto-detection, etc.

... plus a toaster... :-)

Check out Vivek and Jacob's writeups for details, including the reference to the toaster.

Monday Nov 10, 2008

Dynamic / Scripting Languages Support in GlassFish v3 Prelude - Webinar for November 13th


Our next full-length webinar is on Scripting (or Dynamic) Languages in GlassFish v3 Prelude this Thursday, Nov 13th. Same usual time, 11:15 am Pacific Time.

This is a full-length (1 hour) version of the presentation that Vivek gave last week at GlassFish Day (SlideShare, Recording). Vivek will cover the multiplicity of languages supported and the technology; demos will be included

For more details, check the Schedule and Channel Overview. Hope to see you Online!

Thursday Oct 30, 2008

... Hibernate on GlassFish, Merb RC3, Grizzly and NIO2, Embedded GlassFish, The Beatles

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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GlassFish includes EclipseLink as its default JPA implementation but works equally well with Hibernate. There are many users of Hibernate, so the question pops up regularly; Alexis provides an Update on the solution, and we are working on making this even easier to our users.

Merb is gaining traction and we are trying to be friendly to all frameworks; see the Merb RC3 Announcement that explicitly refers to improved GlassFish/JRuby support.

The future plans for Grizzly include NIO2 support (see Webinar on the topic); JFA has started a series of blog notes talking about Tricks and Tips with NIO2.

Earlier this year, during JavaOne, Kohsuke showed how to Embedded GlassFish v3. Byron is not now leading the effort and we recently started having Promoted Builds for the embedded binary. Check out Nazrul report on Support for Scattered WARs, plus the additional links.

Finally, it seems that The Beatles will come to RockBand. The details are stil unfolding but this would be the first time that The Beatles show in a digital franchise. I think this highlights the role that players like RockBand have to distribute IP, in a medium that is richer than the old mp3 player - and also harder to pirate. It is also a reminder of the value of distribution channels (in this case the RockBand store).

Saturday Oct 18, 2008

... EclipseLink, Migration Tool, JSF Managed Beans, OpenDS for WAS and JRuby, Extending SocialSite, and JavaSE 6U10

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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TopLink Essentials EclipseLink is the JPA implementation used in the soon-to-be-released GlassFish v3 Prelude. (as well as the RI for JPA 2.0). NetBeans has support for JPA, and this Screencast at NetBeans.TV shows how to use it in NB (thanks to Rob for the tip).

The GlassFish Migration team is soliciting participation from interested parties to Localize the tool. Contact Shinya via that blog entry or by sending email to g11n at glassfish dot dev dot java dot net if interested.

Arun has another post on JSF 2.0; this time showing how to Use JSF 2.0 with Managed Beans.

From OpenDS land, first Ludo points to an article at BigAdmin by Sachin Krishna Telang showing how to Use OpenDS with IBM's WebSphere. Then, Mark describes how he used OpenDS with JRuby.

Dave has published two recent notes focusing on the areas where SocialSite extends the OpenSocial API. The First Post covers People and Friending, Profile Editing and Metadata, Profile Privacy Settings and Group Creation, Management and Invitations. The Second Post covers Gadget Installation and Management, Messaging and Search. Dave promises additional posts.

And, from the land of Java SE, the long-awaited JavaSE 6 U10 release is now available; check Downloads, FAQ and Osvaldo's post. Despite its obscure name, this is a very important release - I'd expect additional posts on the topic early next week.

Tuesday Oct 14, 2008

... JSF 2.0 on GlassFish, Comet Framework, Rack on JRuby, WS-Trust in Metro, 256 Threads in a 4U, new MacBooks

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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Arun shows how to use JSF 2.0 with GlassFish v2 in his Mojarra on GFv2. I believe the current thinking is that JSF 2.0 will not depend on Servlet 3.0 and will be able to run on Java EE 5 containers.

Atmosphere, JFA's new portable Comet framework, is now here; check the Announcement.

Jacob promised more JRuby frameworks and it seems that Rack Support is the first step. Rack provides an minimal interface between webservers supporting Ruby and Ruby frameworks, so things like, Merb, build on top of it. Seems a role equivalent to that of modjy in Jython?.

Jiandong shows how to use WS-Trust to Secure Web Services in Metro.

Yesterday's big announcement was T5440 (aka Batoka), a 4 socket, T2-based, 256 hardware threads, at 1.4GHz with up to 512GB memory, all in a 4U chassis! For techies, start with the posts by Allan and Josh, the T5440 WebSite and the Benchmarks. The press has nice reactions: [1], [2], [3]. Also check how to use it to Scale SugarCRM using Ldoms, and the new LDom cookbook. If you like it, give it a Free Try and Buy!.

Today, Apple announced the new MacBooks and MacBook Pros. Need to go check them out at the local Apple store, but I'm disappointed there is no Blu-Ray nor a sub-1K$ entry (in the new enclosure).

Monday Sep 29, 2008

JRuby for Java Skeptics, GAP in Sao Paolo, Brazil, OpenSSO, OpenDS and GF, MySQL Users Conference

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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From Ruby-land, Zargony is warming up to JRbuy and explains Why I'm starting to like JRuby even though I dislike Java. And Arun writes a short list of the Advantages of JRuby over MRI.

We have been sending notifications to GAP (the GlassFish Awards Program) for a while but on MOnday we had a Press Release aligned with the first SunTech Days in Sao Paolo to celebrate the winners located in Brazil. Special congratulations to Claudio and Reginaldo who were at the event. We are planning a number of blogs to highlight the GAP winners; we won't be able to cover the 108 of them (!) but we will sample a few.

And, Arun is visiting Sao Paolo (and other cities in Brazil) and writes about ES JUG... And about Embu das Artes and about Travel Tips in Brazil.

Showing part of the spread of the Friends and Family part of the GlassFish Server two tutorials: First Sidharth and Marina show OpenSSO on GlassFish, and then Ludo points to John Yeary's Doing authentication and authorization with GlassFish and OpenDS.

Giuseppe points out that the call for papers for the MySQL Users Conference is still open.

PS. There is a lot of work to do before GFv3 prelude goes out; tracking the news during the next few weeks is going to be tricky, please bear with us.