Tuesday Oct 21, 2008

Java 6 Update 10, en route for JavaFX

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Update 10 of JDK 6 was recently made available and is being announced today. Don't be fooled by the numbering, Java 6 Update 10 is an important release for anything desktop in Java and of course for the upcoming Java FX release later this year. Of course, Java 6 Update 10 can also run GlassFish and other server-side jobs (the custom applet loading screen just isn't as useful in that case...).

"Update 10" (also referred to as the "Consumer JRE") has a very nicely redone Java Plugin with "draggable applets" (probably blurring yet even more the lines between RIA, RDA, and other silly acronyms :-). Also part of the release are a new Swing look-and-feel, the Java Kernel and QuickStarter, a new comprehensive install /deploy set of tools (JavaScript & Java), and more. This earlier detailled article goes into more details.

Finally, I'm enjoying very much "ThePlanetarium" as a source of information for all things Java SE (similar to what we do here on TheAquarium). Danny has a great list of resources for Java 6 Update 10.

Thursday Oct 09, 2008

... JRuby Frameworks, GFv3 Docs, Japan, JRE in-place replacement, Blackberry storm

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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Jacob reports from JRuby-land that he is working on Support for More Frameworks in GlassFish, like merb. Others will follow, so let him know if you have preferences.

We are in the last few weeks before GlassFish v3 Prelude, and Paul has announced Final Review for Documentation. Review ends on Monday, so you don't have much time left.

Kohsuke is now in Tokyo, starting his (Japan Trip. Check out the GeoMap on Japan: we have 140K hits there, not bad, but I'm sure we can do better with improved outreach, which is why Kohsuke is visiting.

A new JRE is brewing. The new Java SE 6 Update 10 has an in-place update for the JRE in your desktop. This is a big change that will reduce the download time and will simplify your disk management. The Intro at SDN News has a pointer to a dummy try-out program, consider checking it out to give us feedback on the new release.

And the BlackBerry Storm is out, with its new touch-screen, see: Vodafone, Hands-On and AppCenter. From reading the crackberry entry, it seems the store is for distributing apps from the carrier - which is more limited than the iPhone AppStore, but, since the store is not the only way to download an app, that's less critical.