Sunday Nov 14, 2010

GlassFish Tips and Links #14: InfraDNA and CloudBees, JSF Composites, Embedded GlassFish, JProfiler, JQuery and XMPP...

Recent Tips and News on Java EE 6 & GlassFish:

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TOTD #147: Java Server Faces 2.0 Composite Components using NetBeans - DRY your code (Arun)
TOTD #148: JPA2 Metamodel Classes in NetBeans 7.0 - Writing type-safe Criteria API (Arun)
Step by Step tutorial to create a JAX-WS with Eclipse, CXF and Glassfish V3 (Ahmed Al-Moayed)
Profiling GlassFish 3 with JProfiler : Shing Wai Chan's Weblog (Shing Wai Chan)
Using JQuery, XMPP and Atmosphere to cluster your WebSocket/Comet application (JFA)
Unit testing services, part 2 – Embedded Glassfish (Ivan St. Ivanov)

French Posts on GlassFish

ArKZoYd has a whole collection of posts in French on GlassFish; see

Mes blogs classés par thèmes
• All posts Tagged as GlassFish, and
Installer Glassfish 3.0.1 en mode silencieux, as an example.

Trip Reports

OTN Developer Days 2010, New York City Trip Report (Arun)
Oredev 2010 Trip Report (Arun)
JFall 2010 - Yet another great Java conference (Alexis)

Hudson News

Lusis: Using Hudson and RVM for Ruby unit testing
Hudson / JRuby integration preliminary report
InfraDNA and CloudBees joining forces: KK's post, CloudBees post, JAXEnter, PR.
  • The new offering is called Nectar

Other Related News

NetBeans 7.0 M2 and Maven 3 - Better than M2Eclipse? (Gunther Popp)
An Introduction to OpenFaces
SunSolve is Moving

Tuesday May 04, 2010

EclipseLink Summit 2010

The EclipseLink team, is organizing a Development Summit in Ottawa.   This 3-day event (May 25th to May 27th) will provide detailed technical information on the project.  Doug Clarke, the organizer, is inviting committers, contributors, and consumers.  In addition to Doug, presenters include GordonYorke, TomWare, MikeKeith and PeterKrogh.  The Summit page keeps a list of attendees; also see the original invitation.

EclipseLink is, of course, the JPA 2.0 Reference Implementation and the default JPA Provider used in GlassFish v3.  EclipseLink is also available separatedly (Downloads, Maven).

I'm going to try to corral an EclipseLink volunteer to report regularly here... we will see.

Wednesday Apr 08, 2009

EclipseLink Pagination with MySQL and GlassFish... and See You at MySQL UC!


The MySQL Users Conference is April 20-23rd in Santa Clara, CA and we are all getting ready for it. Dups has one of the longest preps - he is traveling (by train and bus) from Montreal in his North American Tour visiting Universities around the way.

Arun only needs to drive across town to present about GlassFish and MySQL, and he has been building up the demo material for his session - see his note on how to use EclipseLink on GlassFish to do pagination on MySQL - he will present at 3pm on Tue, Apr 21st.

On my side, I don't have any sessions but I'll be there to meet community, partners and customers, specially around GlassFish and Hudson.

Friday Mar 27, 2009

Type-Safe Criteria and MetaData API in JPA 2.0 - Expert Group Delivers Proposed Final Draft


One more JavaEE 6 specification in Proposed Final Draft: Linda has announced the availability of JPA 2.0 PFD. This draft includes a number of significant changes, including the replacement of an earlier version of criteria API with a typesafe API, support for validation, and a metamodel API.

As pointed by Linda, the changes to the criteria API and the new metamodel API came through a proposal from Gavin to the EG; a great example of how the EG can pool the expertise from experts in the Java community, regardless of their company affiliation.

Download the PFD spec from the JSR 317 site and give feedback to the EG on this one... and the others that will follow as JavaOne is playing its usual role of forcing function.

Monday Mar 02, 2009

Hibernate JPA on GlassFish - One Click Away via your Update Tool


GlassFish v3 uses EclipseLink as the default JPA provider but it supports Hibernate equally well, and, thanks to the benefits of IPS and the UpdateCenter, that's just a click away: just fire the updatetool and clicking on the package.

For more details - but just a few more, there is really not much to tell - check on Mitesh's writeup.

Monday Jan 05, 2009

Java EE 6 - JCP Update...

During the break, I noticed that the Bean Validation spec had gone into Public Review Draft. That spec is the last of the batch being considered for JavaEE 6. Below is a full list based on a pass through JCP (will adjust if I missed any); all of them are either in PRD or past it; the only exception is Java EE 6 itself (JSR 316) which, by definition, lags them all.


• WebBeans (Gavin King, JSR 299, @TA )
• Bean Validation (Emmanuel Bernard, JSR 303, @TA )
• JSF 2.0 (Ed Burns & Roger Kitain, JSR 314, @TA )
• Servlet 3.0 (Rajiv Mordani, JSR 315, @TA )
• JPA 2.0 (Linda DeMichiel, JSR 317, @TA )
• EJB 3.1 (Ken Saks, JSR 318 @TA )
• JCA 1.6 (Binod PG & Sivakumar Thyagarajan, JSR 322, @TA )

Some of these specs have already been voted on: EJB 3.1 (results) and JPA 2.0 (results); for some others the vote starts on Jan 6th: JCA 1.6, Servlet 3.0, JSF 2.0, and a last batch starts on Feb 3rd: Bean Validation, WebBeans.

Friday Nov 28, 2008

JPA 2.0 - The Criteria API


JPA 2.0 went into Public Review Draft on Nov 14 (announcement, JSR 317, download) and Linda is writing short summaries of its key features. The latest is on the Criteria API (Chapter 5 in the spec), a non-string-based API for the dynamic construction of object-based queries.

Linda introduces the Criteria API and then shows how to use it for her earlier JPQL 2 Examples. Also check out these mini-prezos: Linda on JPA 2.0 and Gordon on EclipseLink. Send feedback to jsr-317-pdr-feedback at sun dot com. Also see other posts tagged as JavaEE6.

Friday Nov 14, 2008

JPA 2.0 Public Review Draft is Now Available

The Expert Group for JPA (JSR 317) has released its Public Review Draft, and, Linda, the EG lead, has written a Summary of the major changes in the JPQL, including:


• Extensions to the "." operator for improved navigation
• Mapping with KEY and VALUE operators
• Ordered Lists
• Non-polymorphic Queries with the TYPE operator
• Case Expressions and NULLIF and COALESCE operators
• Scalar Expressions in the SELECT clause

The expert group is soliciting feedback at jsr-317-pdr-feedback at sun dot com. Linda promises a follow-up blog entry describing the changes to the Criteria API, and she also gave a fast (10m) presentation as part of the GFv3 Prelude launch (details, replay, slides).

Also, recall that the (production-ready) Reference Implementation of JPA will be EclipseLink - Gordon also gave an overview for the GFv3 Prelude launch (details, replay, slides).

Saturday Oct 18, 2008

... EclipseLink, Migration Tool, JSF Managed Beans, OpenDS for WAS and JRuby, Extending SocialSite, and JavaSE 6U10

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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TopLink Essentials EclipseLink is the JPA implementation used in the soon-to-be-released GlassFish v3 Prelude. (as well as the RI for JPA 2.0). NetBeans has support for JPA, and this Screencast at NetBeans.TV shows how to use it in NB (thanks to Rob for the tip).

The GlassFish Migration team is soliciting participation from interested parties to Localize the tool. Contact Shinya via that blog entry or by sending email to g11n at glassfish dot dev dot java dot net if interested.

Arun has another post on JSF 2.0; this time showing how to Use JSF 2.0 with Managed Beans.

From OpenDS land, first Ludo points to an article at BigAdmin by Sachin Krishna Telang showing how to Use OpenDS with IBM's WebSphere. Then, Mark describes how he used OpenDS with JRuby.

Dave has published two recent notes focusing on the areas where SocialSite extends the OpenSocial API. The First Post covers People and Friending, Profile Editing and Metadata, Profile Privacy Settings and Group Creation, Management and Invitations. The Second Post covers Gadget Installation and Management, Messaging and Search. Dave promises additional posts.

And, from the land of Java SE, the long-awaited JavaSE 6 U10 release is now available; check Downloads, FAQ and Osvaldo's post. Despite its obscure name, this is a very important release - I'd expect additional posts on the topic early next week.

Wednesday Oct 08, 2008

... GlassFish ESB M2, Terracotta with GF Support, EclipseLink in NB, Sparky in Chennai, Wishlists, OpenSSO Experts

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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GlassFish ESB is getting closer to its release. Bill (the-blogger) leaks that the second Milestone is Available Early, including Data Mashups. Download Now!.

Terracotta 2.7 is out with formal support for GlassFish Server. See the product page, the download page and Alex's post.

John, at NetBeans, has a new demo showing how to Use EclipseLink via JPA on NetBeans 6.5. EclipseLink is included in the GlassFish v3 releases, including the imminent GlassFish v3 Prelude.

Chinmayee, in Chennai (called Madras by the british) reports on a Presentation to Wipro last month. Wipro is one of the top (top 3?) IT companies in India, with over 100K employees. It's great to see increased adoption in India; like Brazil and China, these are rapidly growing markets - the biggest challenge with GlassFish is getting the word out.

Dan is the author of Seam in Action and recently posted about Using Seam with GlassFish. An exchange with GlassFish team folks followed and Dan now has a Wishlist for GlassFish.

Last week was the OpenSSO Ask-the-Experts, and, following that format, they have published the transcript for the session. Thanks to Rajeev for the tip

Wednesday Jul 09, 2008

EclipseLink 1.0 Released

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The EclipseLink team has released EclipseLink 1.0. This release will be incorporated into a future version of GFv3.

See earlier EclipseLink Posts and check out the Release Announcement.

Tuesday Jul 08, 2008

New Sample App: Groovy, Grails, GlassFish and MySQL


This is not just YAPS (Yet Another Pet Store); this one is Groovy! :-) Carol has written a sample of the now famous Pet Store (check out the Wikipedia Entry) but this time it uses Groovy, Grails, MySQL Server and the GlassFish Server.

Carol's writeup has full details. Other TA entries on the topic are tagged Groovy or Grails, including the announcement about Grails in the UpdateCenter.

Sunday Jul 06, 2008

EclipseLink News: Graduation, Overview, RoadMap, Enterprise Tips


EclipseLink, the JPA implementation that is being used in GlassFish v3 (related posts), just Graduated from the Incubator on its way towards a 1.0 release next week (Roadmap), very well timed for GlassFish v3 :-)

In preparation for the release you may want to check Doug and Shaun's Overview at DZone. EclipseLink 1.0 should show in a GFv3 build soon; I'll check out the details and report back.

Monday May 26, 2008

Rails on GlassFish - With JPA and MySQL

JRuby in GlassFish

The Object Relational Mapping in Rails is provided  by ActiveRecord. If GlassFish is used for Rails application deployment then you may like to use Java Persistence API, because of existing code, for ORM instead. 

Vivek explained in a recent blog how to use JPA with Rails on GlassFish v2 and MySQL. Ming followed up with a similar entry for GlassFish v3.

GlassFish v2 uses Top Link Essentials as persistence provider and GlassFish v3 uses Eclipse Link. Rails powered by the GlassFish Application Server provides all the details on why should consider using GlassFish for deploying Rails applications.

Previous success stories of Rails deployed on GlassFish can be seen here and here.

Tuesday May 06, 2008

More JavaEE 6 Spec Previews: Servlet 3.0 and JPA 2.0

JavaOne is always a forcing function for announcements, releases, deals, etc. Some happen during the week, some the weeks before - makes it a bit hard to keep up, but now that CommunityOne is over, I'll try to start catching up...


New Previews of JavaEE 6 Specifications:

• Rajiv announces the latest Servlet 3.0 Draft Spec
• Linda announces the latest JPA 2.0 Draft Spec

Go check them out and provide feedback; it's the only way to ensre that the future specifications will satisfy your needs.