Wednesday Dec 18, 2013

Want to Work on WebSocket/Tyrus? Oracle is Hiring!

The WebSocket team at Oracle is looking for another key contributor! If you want to become part of the dynamic, high-profile team that is working on the industry leading Java API for WebSocket (JSR 356) reference implementation Tyrus and related open standards, projects and products like Java EE, GlassFish and WebLogic, this is the time to update your resume/CV and share it with us. The job is based in Prague, Czech Republic.

The formal details of the job are on LinkedIn.

If you are interested and have any questions, please feel free to post your questions here, get in touch with the Tyrus team or drop an email directly to pavel dot bucek at oracle dot com.

Tuesday May 29, 2012

Sang Shin is back!

Sang Shin is back at Oracle.

He is well known for his wide range of Java tutorials at As a former Sun evangelist, he helped GlassFish and Java EE adoption and continued to do even after his days at Sun.

In his current role, he will help evangelize and drive adoption of the Java EE platform, GlassFish, and WebLogic server. You will see him online, speaking at conferences, blogging, and at our different social media channels. Say hello to him whenever you meet him.

Here is what Sang had to say about his comeback:

I AM BACK to where it all started. It sure felt like coming back home and it's good to see the first hand the spirit of innovation still is alive and well here in Oracle especially on Java front. Looking forward to be engaged with everyone in Java EE community with Passion again!

Looking forward to working with Sang! You can ping him at @javapassion.

Friday Apr 27, 2012

Oracle Fusion Middleware is Hiring in Ottawa, Canada

The Oracle Fusion Middleware Team is looking for talent to help build the future of the application stack. If you are interested, check out this job posting. Here's an extract :

"working with product management to define product features, creating system architectures, designing features, writing/testing code, fixing bugs, participating in JSR expert groups, leading inter-team projects, presenting at conferences.."


This is a job based in the Canada, Ottawa and has an option for a project lead role.

Apply today!

Saturday Oct 02, 2010

GlassFish Back on Growth Path

The downloads for GlassFish have not slowed down despite all the "distractions" around the acquisition by and the integration with Oracle but some other indicators, like jobs at, showed an impact from those events. It's taken a bit but I think we are finally getting back on track.

The roadmap's presentations in March helped some but I the real change seems to come from the Commitments by Oracle at JavaOne. Check out the trends graphs for GlassFish (live, cached). You can see the different key events in that graph:

  • Nothing really moves until when we released the first GlassFish v2
  • Next big event was the launch of GlassFish Portfolio in Feb '09, which generated a significant job growth.
  • Next was Apr '09, when Oracle Announces Intent to Acquire in Sun.
  • The interregnum followed, with the unknown future of GlassFish showing in the job market, until the Strategy Webcasts of late Jan '10.
  • The post-CIC growth continued until around late March/April '10 when a drop happened. Not sure what caused that - if you have a suggestion post it as a comment.
  • Finally, now it seems we are back on a growth, hopefully a sustained one. I'm interpreting this as the community, customers and users, finally believing that Oracle is committed to GlassFish.

The current number of openings is the highest I've seen (>750) although the graphs don't show that yet because the trends charts lag the jobs data by a month or two.

Monday Mar 08, 2010

GlassFish Jobs Spike at Indeed.COM after CiC


Indeed.COM shows a spike in the number of GlassFish-related jobs around end of January (snapshot, live); the date roughly coincides with the reassuring noises from Oracle on CiC. The absolute job numbers are still small, but I expect them to continue to grow, specially as we release our detailed Roadmap.

In other good adoption indicators:
• Mail traffic at USERS@GlassFish ; see MarkMail
• Google Trends (snapshot, live).

And, before you ask; the roadmap is very close...

Tuesday Jun 30, 2009

Hudson Growth - Plugins, Jobs, Eclipse

Hudson continues to show very nice growth; This post reports on three different indicators.


Seiji Sogabe recently did an analysis of the addition of new Hudson plugins, and the pace is accelerating: there were 55 new plugins in 2008, while half-way through 2009 we already are up to 44. Seiji represented this new created a chart to show this graphically in a chart, also shown to the left. See Kohsuke's post for an english version of Seiji's note.


The number of job offerings at where Hudson is listed is also growing. Unfortunately, "Hudson" is too common a term to search on it, so I approximated the growth trend by adding "Continuous" and "Integration"; the result is here. As a reference, I compared the growth with CruiseControl, using relative and absolute metrics. The results (absolute and relative) shows that CruiseControl has flattened while Hudson is growing.

Counting the actual number of jobs is harder, but an approximation suggests that CruiseControl still has more entries than Hudson, but not by much - see trend comparison, CC jobs (121) and Hudson jobs (97).


Finally, Kohsuke also reports on Adoption at Eclipse, where Hudson was the #1 CI tool, ahead of CruiseControl and Bamboo.

More Adoption indicators tagged Hudson+Adoption

Thursday Nov 13, 2008

GlassFish Jobs Growth - From


I periodically check on the number of job postings for GlassFish at The number is still quite small but it continues to grow very well (trend). But today I decided to check the relative (% of job market) growth, and that is even better; and, then to compare it with the usual suspects, and that is extra better (live, archived).

The growth rate is very encouraging, specially as it is mirrored by internal metrics, like new customers (sorry, can't share), and external, like Google trends (live, archived). I think the message of Excellent Price-Performance is working.

Tuesday Jul 29, 2008

Position Open in GlassFish Web Tier Team

We are looking for a senior engineer to work in the Web Tier of the GlassFish Server; see the Job Description.


What does it mean to work at Sun? Check out Blogs.Sun.Com for perspectives, but a key part for me is that Sun is large enough to invest in efforts from ZFS to Constellation and BlackBox, and to place bets in Open Source and MySQL but it is small enough that I know most of the influencers in the company. Also, Sun's basic principles are well aligned with mine.

So, check out the Job Description and let us know if you are interested. I've been at Sun for 18 years; none of them have been boring!

Wednesday Jun 25, 2008

Trends in GlassFish Adoption - Indeed Jobs, GeoMap and Google Keyword Searches

Time for an update on a few Adoption Metrics.


The GeoMap now has data up til May 2008. The map now records 3,283,340 separate "Admin Pings" corresponding to 375,828 different IP addresses representing live GlassFish Server instances. Check previous entries for the applicable disclaimers. is an online job aggregator and provide job trend data. GlassFish jobs are still a small number but they are growing fast, see live and snapshot.

Google continues their traditional Term Search Trend (Live, Snapshot) and also has a new Website Trend. The latter only shows all of Java.Net but also shows common terms searched - more on that later.

Monday Feb 25, 2008

GlassFish Developer Job at Sun - Any Geo...

Sun Logo

Nazrul has a job opening in his group to help develop GlassFish. Check Nazrul's note and the Job Description. Entry-level (I presume that includes "recent grads"), any geography. Contact Nazrul if interested.

BTW - I've just started tracking GlassFish job offers at (Live Trend, Snapshot) - jobs is probably one of the last things to start showing adoption, but it is nice to see it finally traking the Other Adoption Indicators. And yet another indicator is GlassFish-Questions@LinkedIn.