Wednesday Feb 15, 2012

Another GlassFish job opportunity - Prague!

We have a new GlassFish job opportunity in the QA team in beautiful Prague, Czech Republic.


Straight from the job description, we're looking for a "Quality Engineer to perform testing of modules of GlassFish server that is open source, production-ready, Java EE-compatible server". The team working on GlassFish in Prague is growing nicely and has reached a critical mass. Lots of good engineers and nice people there!

Tuesday Jan 24, 2012

Help shape the future of GlassFish (we're hiring)!

The team is looking for talent to help build the future of our application server. If you are interested, check out this job posting. Here's an extract :

"Technical lead, design and develop features to manage the configuration of clustered, highly available deployments in elastic cloud environments that delivers massive scalability."


This is a job based in the US to work on the admin infrastructure, including on PaaS features.

Monday Nov 29, 2010

Define and develop GlassFish Server!


If you've been using or better yet, contributing to GlassFish and like what you see, Nazrul, a manager at Oracle in the GlassFish group, may have an exciting job for you. Check out his blog post for details and contacts (keywords: clustering, PaaS, infrastructure).

This is one of two positions for senior developers in the GlassFish group.
Here are the official references :
IRC1431575 - Software Developer 4
IRC1359432 - Software Developer 4
Java EE/GlassFish Evangelist in India

Other job postings are available from Just search for "glassfish" over there, and don't be afraid to contact us - I still remember reading this entry myself and joining the team soon after!