Wednesday Apr 29, 2009

WebSpace Server Monitoring and Performance

WebSpace Server Homepage

Rajesh and team are hard at work plugging in more JMX monitoring features in WebSpace Server and Liferay (see the detailed proposal). This will give administrators a nice overview of performance metrics, fault diagnostics, and in general keeping WebSpace running smoothly. Speaking of performance, Srikanth has also written up an integration of WebSpace Server with Apache Solr, which is recommended for use with GlassFish clusters. The WebSpace Wiki is a great source of material like this for developers and administrators.

Monday Sep 01, 2008

... Chrome Browser, Mozilla Ubiquity, JMX Events, WSRP and Liferay, xVM Server EA

A compilation of today's news of interest:

Radio Receiver Icon

The biggest (technical) news of the day is the Google announcement of a WebKit-based Chrome browser (Blog, Cartoon). I have mixed feelings about this; competition is usually good for users/consumers, but I like that FireFox is an independent party, generating things like Ubiquity and Smart Location-Bar...

From the OpenPortal folks, WSRP Consumer in Liferay (it was already in WebSynergy) and progress on the NetBeans 6.5 Portal Pack.

From Eamonn, a description of the JMX Event Service in JDK 7 Snapthots, including things like more flexible notifications and the ability to use additional transports. Eamonn and Shanliang are asking for feedback on the design.

And from Steve and update on the next phase in the xVM Server Early Access.

Friday Jul 11, 2008

VisualVM 1.0 Now Available!


VisualVM 1.0 is Now Available! VisualVM is a GUI-based, extensible, monitoring and performance analysis tool that is the next generation to the older, mostly CLI-based, tools in Sun's JDK distribution.

VisualVM is part of the latest JDK: JDK 6 Update 7 (DZone, OnTheRecord, download) but it can monitor older JVMs.

Plug-ins are key to the success of VisualVM. They can be loaded directly from the tool and the current list includes a JConsole Container Plugin (for backward compatiblity), and Plugins for GlassFish, BTrace and a Thread Dump Analyzer.

For more information check out:

VisualVM home site, ScreenCast at JavaOne, Features.
• Plugins: web page, Docs.
• Overviews at InfoQ and DZone
• Overview/Intro Blogs: Octavian, Luis-Miguel
• Regular bloggers in the topic include Luis-Miguel and Geertjan

Monday Feb 11, 2008

Welcoming WiseMan to the GlassFish community

Personification of wisdom statue

WiseMan, the WS-Management Java implementation has now become a part of Metro (the GlassFish Web Services stack) community. WiseMan provides both client and server side APIs for building Manageable applications.

Jean-François Denise is reporting on the road traveled to provide the WS-Man implementation and make fit best into the existing Metro technology. The Web Services Connector for JMX builds on top of WiseMan to provide connection with WS-Man client tools such as Windows Remote Management much like OpenDMK is a window to the SNMP world.

"What's the relationship to GlassFish?" you may ask. Well, by deploying the Web Services Connector for JMX in GlassFish, all the existing MBeans (such as those defined by AMX, by JSR 77, and by you) are automatically exposed as WS-Management resources. Clearly, the key feature of WiseMan is interoperability.

For the Web Services savvy, Jean-François' entry is buzzword compliant and a very good read (WS-Addressing, Push mode, security, etc...). WiseMan's homepage is at Version 1.0 requires Java SE 5+ or above and JAX-WS 2.1.1.

Thursday Jan 24, 2008

Article on combining GlassFish AMX and Management Rules

Masoud Kalali's picture

GlassFish doesn't trade enterprise features such as management and monitoring for Open Source. Masoud Kalali's recent article on is a good illustration of this. It shows how the JMX-based administration infrastructure can be accessed to dynamically change the behavior of the HTTP load-balancer.

The article first goes into what JMX and GlassFish AMX's are before introducing GlassFish v2's Management Rules mechanism. The rest is a detailed explanation of how to create and deploy the MBean to manage the weight of the load-balancer algorithm and the corresponding management rule.

Masoud had previously written detailed blog entries about:
- How to Secure GlassFish installation.
- GlassFish version 2 monitoring capabilities

Sunday Apr 22, 2007

Managing GlassFish using jRuby, via JMX

Clip of some jRuby code

Ivan describes a very nice use of jRuby for GlassFish domain configuration where JMX (specifically through AMX) provides a very convenient interface for remote interaction.

Ivan uses the (Application Management Extensions) APIs. Overall, his experience seems quite positive; check out his Blog entry, and the jRuby script. Ivan does request for improved documentation, although the availability of an interpreter loop (jirb) helps.

Nice to see this resurgence of the use of flexible "soft" pieces (programmed via an scripting languages) combined with more stable "hard" components (written in a language like Java). See for example Roberto's recent presentation on the topic.

Friday Feb 23, 2007

Managing OpenDS with JMX and JConsole


OpenDS has lots of configuration options and they're all stored in the directory. While this makes administration convenient for those with an intimate knowledge of the configuration tree and LDAP command line tools the uninitiated will likely run away screaming.

As part of our continued effort to make LDAP more accessible to the masses a JMX interface to OpenDS is now available and accessible via JConsole. No client installation required! To get started, launch JConsole and follow along using the screen shots here.

Saturday Apr 29, 2006

JConsole and GlassFish

Kedar has a fairly in-depth entry on hooking up JConsole to Sun Java System App Server's JMX pumbing.

JConsole is a JMX client that comes with the Java SE SDK.

The instructions cover 8.2 and 9.0 so GlassFish should work as well). He highlights the differences in Platform Edition and the Enterprise Edition (Enterprise Edition defaults to use SSL for the admin interfaces).

Find more related articles ...

Monday Feb 06, 2006

JAX-WS 2.0 Web Services Management with JMX

Jean-Francois Denise has an interesting and in-depth blog that bridges JMX and JAX-WS 2.0, ie. managing JMX Instrumented Web Services using JConsole.

In his blog he uses the NetBeans 5.0 JMX Module and is running JSWDP in Tomcat - it would be great to see the additional steps for running in GlassFish (if any) - leave a comment for Jean-Francois if you know what is required.