Thursday Apr 17, 2008

jMaki Events tech tip available

jMaki logo

The latest SDN Enterprise Tech Tips instalment covers jMaki and more specifically its events sub-system. The Publish/Subscribe Mechanism provides the glue required to have visual and non-visual components share data when events are triggered. Both declarative and programmatic events are available.

The Tech Tip comes with a detailed discussion and full source code.

Thursday Feb 28, 2008

Better JSON in Jersey, jMaki included


JSON (JSON@TA) is a key component in Ajax and a REST framework like Jersey needs to support it well to be successful. Jakub reports on a new simpler default JSON data format in the latest Jersey; check his Description of Features and then see its use in jMaki Widgets.

Check it out and let Jakub, Paul and Marc know how it works for you.

Jersey's latest release is 0.6ea and is available from the Jersey Downloads Page. The latest stable release is 0.5ea and is also available through the Update Center. Jersey 0.6ea will be pushed to the UC in about 10 days.

Saturday Jan 26, 2008

GlassFish in Ruby Meetup 99 - Jan 29, 7pm

Ruby Meetup Icon

Interested in knowing how GlassFish provides easyt-to-use, robust and "green" development and deployment environment for JRuby-on-Rails applications ?

Like to know how jMaki provides visually appealing views for Rails application ?

Attend South Bay Ruby Meetup (a.k.a Ruby Meetup 99) on Jan 29, 7pm. Read details here.

Be prepared to ask questions by reading the previous related entries :)

Thursday Jan 03, 2008

Blogging, Content Rating, jMaki and GlassFish

jMaki Clock on Roller

The Update Center Repository includes Social Network Bundle with Apache Roller for blogging and Slynkr for content rating. You can download it very easily - check Manveen's reminder.

And, over the holidays, Dave played around with jMaki and he can now show jMaki on Roller. Check it out and let us know how it works for you!

Sunday Dec 23, 2007

Browser <-> JavaScript | jMaki | GWT | Java <-> GlassFish

GWT/jMaki Architecture

I think this is a very interesting direction: Greg is working on creating synergies between the jMaki and GWT. The intention is to expand and complement existing efforts like the GWT NB Plugin and leverage the JavaScript integration from jMaki and the Java skill set of GWT. To make things concrete, Greg has published a first effort built around jMaki Charting.

We will you posted on the evolution of the project; in the meantime, start with Greg's Introduction to the Effort.

Tuesday Dec 18, 2007

jMaki 1.0.3 Now Available

jMaki Logo

jMaki 1.0.3 is now available. This is a stable release including support for Java (Struts, Facelets and Comet) and PHP. Download it from the jMaki Download site or through our Update Center repository - just fire the latest UpdateTool from GFv2 UR1, as in:


For more details, check out Carla's Note.

Wednesday Dec 12, 2007

Facebook Groups: OpenDS, OpenSSO, GlassFish, jMaki, JRuby, Phobos

Here are some of the Facebook groups that might be of interest to readers of TheAquarium:

Facebook logo


Please add those that I missed in the comments to this entry.

Sunday Dec 02, 2007

Q & A on Metro, jMaki and JRuby

Arun's Picture

Arun has started an interesting practice: after he gives talks, he is publishing blog entries capturing the Q&A that usually follows the presentations.

Check out the First Q&A, after the presentation at Seattle, and the Second Q&A, after the presentations at Toronto and Montreal. Both presentations covered Metro, jMaki and GlassFish.

The questions also included OpenLaszlo, .Net, OpenPoral, Dojo, Reliable Messaging, Performance, and many more. Check them out!

Wednesday Nov 21, 2007

T-Shirts, T-Shirts for sale...

Kohsuke just created a Cafe Press Store for Hudson and I just did a quick pass to collect those for other GlassFish friends; check them out:

Front cover of Caps For Sale

Added: OpenESB
Added: SailFin
Added: OpenSSO

There is also a Grizzly t-shirt (I know because I'm the lucky owner of one) but not (yet?) as a Cafe Press store, and I'm chasing down shirts for OpenESB, OpenSSO and SailFin.

Sunday Nov 11, 2007

Week Highlights - GFv3 Schedule, IPS, Governance Board, JavaFX, ...

Red Hat Logo

• How-Tos: Clustering, Launchd, Metro & JAXB and GF Profiles
• Community - Interviews, RedHat and OpenJDK and Governance Board
• Future Releases - IPS in UC2, GFv3 Schedule and Sailfin Tooling
• Adoption Indicators - New GeoMap, Nuxeo Core and GF and Geronimo
• Web.Next - JavaFX, jMaki Charting, Bayeux/Comet and JAX-RS
• Events - IJTC
• Try this: GlassFish.ORG

Wednesday Nov 07, 2007

jMaki Adds Charting Widgets

jMaki Pie Chart

jMaki introduced an additional set of widgets and sample applications for doing pie charts, line charts, area charts and bar charts. These widgets can be easily installed in NetBeans IDE as Add On component library.

jMaki Charting widget library and Java and PHP samples can be downloaded from jMaki Charting dowload page.

The details to participate as a user or contributor are available on the Community Page.

Sunday Oct 07, 2007

How to consume Jersey resource representations in jMaki ?

Informational Sign

A tip on jMaki and Jersey working together:

How to consume JSON and XML representations generated by Jersey in jMaki ?

Saturday Oct 06, 2007

GlassFish at MidWest Java Tech Days

Sun MidWest Java Tech Days

Harold presented on Metro at MidWest Java Tech Days at Columbus, Ohio and Indianapolis, Indiana. Read his trip report.

Next stop is Minneapolis on Oct 16 and Chicago on Oct 18. I'll be presenting on Metro and jMaki.

Tuesday Oct 02, 2007

jMaki 1.0 now at the Update Center Repository

Update Center Client ScreenShot with jMaki

jMaki 1.0 is now available at the Update Center repository (Screenshot). To install the software from the UpdateCenter client, just run



Tuesday Sep 25, 2007

jMaki 1.0 is Out

Radio Receiver Icon

Breaking News: NEWS.

• jMaki 1.0 is out - check out the announcements from Ludo and Greg.
• You can download it here; soon at the Update Center near you.