Friday Jul 15, 2011

BeanValidation 1.1 is now JSR 349

JBoss' Emmanuel Bernard has submitted Bean Validation 1.1 as JSR 349. This version should be part of Java EE 7 and an important goal for this release is further integration with other platform JSRs.

In addition to JSF and JPA, integrations with JAX-RS, JAXB, CDI and EJB are also considered. Other important evolutions include a potential API to validate parameters and return values of method calls as well as another API to declare constraints (as opposed to annotations today). The JSR page and this earlier blog post have more details.

Note that the current Bean Validation API can also very much be used with JavaSE. Ballot results for this JSR are due on July 25th, 2011.

Monday Jun 13, 2011

Java EE 7 discussions - live!

This was announced a few months ago and has been operational for some time now : Oracle-led Java EE 7 expert groups now have public discussions that anyone can follow. Simply go to the mailing list page for the javaee-spec project on and browse the archives.

original photo from

There, you'll find introductions from the expert group members, read early thoughts on how cloud/multi-tenancy will (or will not) impact existing APIs and how some would like to see it materialize as a profile. Antonio Goncalves also kicked off a discussion on configuration.

Keep in mind that this is all very early thoughts which most of you can safely ignore for the time being. But if you enjoy bleeding edge discussions and technology, you can follow similar conversations on all the other Java EE 7 JSRs (see jpa-spec or jax-rs-spec for instance).

Tuesday Jun 07, 2011

Java 7 passes the Public Review Ballot

Java 7 has just passed the Public Review Ballot with the following results :
• 13 YES votes
• 1 NO vote (Google)
• 1 Abstain
• 1 non-vote


Details and comments are available from this JCP page. Next steps: Final Draft, Final Approval Ballot and Launch (July).

You may be interested in this recent post by the LJC (London Java Community, a recently elected member to the Executive Committee) on how the JCP works and how it should evolve.

Wednesday Jun 01, 2011 is a go!

Together with the rest of the SE/EE and ME executive committee members, the new elected members were voting on the JSR (#348).

The ballot results shows a unanimous vote (list of voters) thus paving the way for the proposed changes, most of which are around transparency. Update: check out these two blogs.

I other JCP news, Java 7 (JSR 336) is now in Public Review with the ballot closing on June 6th.

Monday May 23, 2011

Evolving the JMS specification, an opportunity and a challenge

A few days ago, Masoud Kalali, now a JSR 343 (JMS 2.0) expert group member on Nigel's suggestion, posted a brief overview of JSR 343 and what he believes are important use-cases to address.


The JMS specification hasn't evolved in a while but it has also served very well its numerous users for all that time. So this post is an interesting read on why we even need JMS 2.0, in addition to the Ease-of-Development love (annotations, CoC, ...) that it probably deserves.

Masoud promises to cover more JMS in future posts so make sure to keep an eye on his blog.

Tuesday May 17, 2011 and JSR 348

It's been a long time coming but we're finally starting to see shaping up. This Oracle press release announces JSR 348, the first of two JSRs to improve the Java Community Process itself (yes, there are JSRs for that too).

The detailled proposal for this JSR has enhancements grouped into four categories : Transparency, Participation, Agility, and Governance. A second JSR is planned to revise the current JSPA.

As with any JSR, a ballot has started with both the ME and SE/EE executive committees (now complete) voting before it closes on May 30th.

Tuesday May 10, 2011

JCP special election 2011 results - Java SE/EE executive committee now complete

The JCP special election has now concluded and the results include the election of Goldman Sachs (recent podcast), SouJava (previous entry) for the ratified seats and the London Java Community for the elected seat.


Congratulations to Bruno, John and Ben on their election!
The full details are listed on this page.

Monday May 09, 2011

JSR 347 (Data Grids) is a go!

With 8 YES votes, 1 NO vote, 1 ABSTAIN and 3 non-votes, the JCP Executive Committee has approved the JSR Review ballot for JSR 347, Data Grids for the Java Platform (see this previous entry).


As a reminder, in order to pass a normal ballot, a JSR must achieve at least 5 YES votes and more YES votes than NO votes. Abstainers and non-voters do not affect the outcome. The detailed results are on this page.

While this means that it's very likely that there will be a distributed caching JSR in the future, with the large number of comments on its potential overlap with JSR 107 its inclusion in Java EE 7 and precise relationship versus 107 (which has a draft is due in a few weeks) are still to be determined.

Update: Manik (the spec lead from JBoss) now has a call for EG members.

Sunday May 01, 2011

Reminder: JCP elections are happening now, please vote!

This is a reminder that the JCP Election Ballot is open since earlier this week and will run until May 9th to elect three representatives to the JavaSE/JavaEE executive committee (EC) - two ratified seats (SouJava and Goldman Sachs) and one elected seat. These positions are important given the role of the EC (voting on every JSR).


This page has all the details for this ballot while this other page lists all the candidates (Goldman Sachs' John Weir and SouJava's Bruno Souza for the ratified seats) and the six candidates running for the elected one. That page also has a link to the recent "Meet the JCP Candidates" presentation did by JCP chair Patrick Curran.

If you are a JCP member, please vote!

Friday Apr 29, 2011

Java EE 7 - what about caching?

JCache (JSR 107, Java Temporary Caching API) has been incomplete and dormant for a while. With JavaEE 7 picking up steam and addressing cloud scenarios such as PaaS, the co spec leads (EHCache's Greg Luck and Oracle's Cameron Purdy) have agreed to do get back to work and complete JCache to provide Java EE with a general purpose caching API. You can find an evolving draft version of the specification and get a good level of details about what's going on on this recent post by Greg.


Fast-forward 240 JSRs and we now have JSR 347: Data Grids for the Java Platform, submitted by JBoss and with a goal to "build upon and extend JSR-107 (JCACHE) API" to adress use-cases such as distributed caching (2nd level caching for JPA for instance) or transient session state (ActiveCache for GlassFish would be a good example of that) and provide standard means of distributing and replicating data. More background on Manik's blog.

Voting by the JCP Executive Committee on JSR 347 is now going on with results due on May 9th. The proposed schedule for this JSR targets an Early Draft of the specification by December 2011 and a Final Release by September 2012 (in time for Java EE 7).

Tuesday Apr 26, 2011

More Java EE 7 progress - CDI 1.1 can start

Following last week's results of the EJB 3.2 JSR Review Ballot we now have another result: CDI 1.1 has been accepted by the JCP Executive Committee with 10 YES votes and 1 non-vote (VMWare).

CDI work in progress

This previous post has some context on the goals of CDI 1.1 and links to relevant URLs. You'll note that IBM has casted a YES vote with an interesting technical comment on what they feel should be in Java EE vs. CDI and on more clarification vs. JSR 330 (or its successor). Details are on the voting result page.

You can also read this short post from the Pete Muir, the CDI 1.1 specification lead.

Tuesday Apr 19, 2011

EJB 3.2 can start!

With the two-week JSR Review Ballot for EJB 3.2 (JSR #345) now closed, the results are in. With 8 YES votes, one NO vote and 4 no-votes, the Executive Committee for SE/EE has approved this ballot and the JSR can proceed with forming an expert group (link to join).

JCP logo

EJB 3.2 is scheduled to be integrated into Java EE 7 in 2012 and will focus on PaaS requirements (mainly multi-tenancy) as well as possibly as factoring out container-managed transactions. Check out the JSR main page for the full list of preliminary goals of this EJB iteration.

Thursday Apr 14, 2011

JCP Special election this month

Voting unanimously on the Java EE 7 JSRs was excellent news for the future of the platform but some were quick to point out that the number of voters was not the same as usual. Indeed the SE/EE Executive Committee was missing 3 out of 15 members with the recent resignations of the Apache Foundation, Doug Lea and Tim Peierls (2 ratified seats and one elected seat).

The good news is that elections to replace these departing members have now been scheduled with Bruno Souza representing SouJava and Goldman Sachs as the Oracle ratified candidates.


Nominations for the elected seat started on April 12th and will close on April 25th. The ballot itself will run from April 26th to May 9th and new EC members will take office the next day. All JCP members are obviously encouraged to vote. Note there will also be an open seat in the ME Executive Committee. You may also find Patrick Curran's InfoQ recent interview to be of interest.

Read all the details on this special election from this JCP page.

Wednesday Apr 13, 2011

Marching towards a Java EE 7 fullhouse of JSRs - CDI 1.1 & EJB 3.2

You might have missed (I did) the filling of the EJB 3.2 JSR last week. This is the follow up to Linda's "" entry posted last month. In addition to the multi-tenancy cloud requirements, factoring out transactions in a similar way interceptors became a standalone specification is one of the interesting goals of this work.

Just yesterday JBoss/RedHat has also submitted JSR 346, aka CDI 1.1 and Pete "CDI/Weld" Muir has a blog with further details. We're looking here mainly at an incremental release with improvement such as allowing the built in implementation of the conversation context to be used outside of JSF (full list). Pete is calling for expert group members, if you are interested the link to apply is on the JSR page.


With each submission, a two-week voting period by the JCP Executive Committee starts. This means that the EJB 3.2 results will be available this coming Monday (April 18th) and the CDI 1.1 results a week later on the the 25th.

In the meantime, on the CDI side you should probably give this recent "Contexts and Dependency Injection in Java EE 6" article a read and make sure you're well aware of what Java EE 6 and CDI have to offer today.

Tuesday Mar 29, 2011

JavaEE 7 transparency: JSRs as open projects on

With a good number of JavaEE 7 JSRs officially started after a successful EC vote, it's time to finalize expert groups and actually get to work! To do that, every JSR with Oracle as a spec lead (including the umbrella Java EE 7) will be driven in the open on

Being a project on will have the USERS mailing lists serve as "reflectors" of the expert group lists and also allow list members to post among themselves. The issue tracker (now Jira-based), the wiki and the download area are also all available for each project to use as they see fit.


Here is the list of projects created so far : (JAX-RS 2.0) (JPA 2.1) (JMS 2.0) (Java EE 7) (JSF 2.2) (EL 3.0) (Servlet 3.1)

As you can see the pattern is pretty easy to follow and should let you find your way to the other spec/projects not yet created such as EJB. To either view the archives or join the users list, you first need to become a member if you are not one already. To become a project member simply click on "Bookmark This Project".