Thursday Mar 13, 2014

Participate in the Future of Java

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it." (Alan Kay)

Sometime, some people tends to overlook a critical element of the Java ecosystem, i.e. the Java Community Process. The JCP is the mechanism for developing standard technical specifications for Java technology. The JCP is clearly one of the key pillar of the whole Java ecosystem.

Heather VanCura who manages the JCP Program Office has recently done a presentation at the Israel JUG. Heather's slide deck (see here) is really a useful ressource as it answers a lot of JCP related questions, it's almost a "FAQ on slides".

In her slides, Heather addresses questions such as :

  • What is the Executive Committee? How it operates?
  • The different levels of participation
  • The different roles within the JCP
  • The different deliverables of an Expert Group
  • What has the JCP done to be as open as possible?
  • How the JCP is evolving ("")?
  • ...

And more importantly, it also explain why you should get involved in the JCP. Being involved in the JCP, at any level, allows anyone to define the future of Java!

Wednesday Jan 25, 2012 with merged Executive Committee - JSR 355

The latest JSR filed is #355 and it's not a technical one - "JCP Executive Committee Merge". As the name implies this is about merging the current ME and SE/EE executive committees into a unified one.

If you've been following carefully the changes planned for the JCP, the 2-step process turned into a 3-step evolution:
1/ JSR 348, JCP transparency
2/ Merging the two existing Executive Committees
3/ Sorting out the more complicated legal issues


If you're curious about the role of the executive committee members, check out this page on Hint: voting on JSRs is part of it, but there's more. The JSR Review Ballot starts on February 7th.

Tuesday Oct 18, 2011 Final Approval Ballot - We have a go!

As previously explained, JSR 348 is there to change the JCP itself and add transparency to the process.

The results for the Final Approval Ballot are in with 25 YES votes, 2 ABSTAIN votes (Google and Vodafone), one NO vote and 4 non-votes (both Executive Committees were voting). And that's 5 months to complete a JSR from the day it was filed.


Here are two (pseudo) random changes taken from the proposed final draft to give you sense of what will change :

"Attendance at meetings is mandatory. Missing two meetings in a row (whether teleconference or face-to-face meetings) results in loss of future, not yet started, JSR ballot and EC voting privileges."

"The Maintenance Lead must submit to the PMO at least quarterly a list of all implementations that have been certified as compatible and that have been released publicly or commercially. The PMO will publish this information on the JCP website."

For the latter part, Sun and now Oracle has been publishing the list of certified Java EE implementations.

Also, remember that this the first of two JSRs to change the JCP itself (the shorter one too). And in other JCP news, a new voting period has started, closing on October 30th (see list of SE/EE nominees, some really strong ones...).

Update: the JCP blog has more details on the EC ballot.

Wednesday Jun 01, 2011 is a go!

Together with the rest of the SE/EE and ME executive committee members, the new elected members were voting on the JSR (#348).

The ballot results shows a unanimous vote (list of voters) thus paving the way for the proposed changes, most of which are around transparency. Update: check out these two blogs.

I other JCP news, Java 7 (JSR 336) is now in Public Review with the ballot closing on June 6th.

Tuesday May 17, 2011 and JSR 348

It's been a long time coming but we're finally starting to see shaping up. This Oracle press release announces JSR 348, the first of two JSRs to improve the Java Community Process itself (yes, there are JSRs for that too).

The detailled proposal for this JSR has enhancements grouped into four categories : Transparency, Participation, Agility, and Governance. A second JSR is planned to revise the current JSPA.

As with any JSR, a ballot has started with both the ME and SE/EE executive committees (now complete) voting before it closes on May 30th.