Friday Jul 11, 2008

VisualVM 1.0 Now Available!


VisualVM 1.0 is Now Available! VisualVM is a GUI-based, extensible, monitoring and performance analysis tool that is the next generation to the older, mostly CLI-based, tools in Sun's JDK distribution.

VisualVM is part of the latest JDK: JDK 6 Update 7 (DZone, OnTheRecord, download) but it can monitor older JVMs.

Plug-ins are key to the success of VisualVM. They can be loaded directly from the tool and the current list includes a JConsole Container Plugin (for backward compatiblity), and Plugins for GlassFish, BTrace and a Thread Dump Analyzer.

For more information check out:

VisualVM home site, ScreenCast at JavaOne, Features.
• Plugins: web page, Docs.
• Overviews at InfoQ and DZone
• Overview/Intro Blogs: Octavian, Luis-Miguel
• Regular bloggers in the topic include Luis-Miguel and Geertjan

Saturday Apr 29, 2006

JConsole and GlassFish

Kedar has a fairly in-depth entry on hooking up JConsole to Sun Java System App Server's JMX pumbing.

JConsole is a JMX client that comes with the Java SE SDK.

The instructions cover 8.2 and 9.0 so GlassFish should work as well). He highlights the differences in Platform Edition and the Enterprise Edition (Enterprise Edition defaults to use SSL for the admin interfaces).

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