Friday Sep 07, 2007

Evaluating the Java Application Server Jungle -- From Aubiere

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Julien (at Aubiere) provides an evaluation of the main Open Source AppServers: Apache Geronimo, GlassFish, JBoss and Jonas and his choice is GlassFish. He mentions the usual reasons (documentation, console, RI) but also one that is less common: domains which turn to be very useful for teaching a class.

Julien also mentions jRuby and GlassFish v3 support as additional reasons. Check the details at his Blog entry.

Monday Aug 20, 2007

Hudson Used by JBoss... and still more PlugIns...

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Three more Hudson Plugins and a nice Adoption Story:

Peter Reilly contributes the Design Violations Plugin (aggregating FindBugs, PMD, CheckStyle and CPD), Hafner Ullrich contributes a Task Scanner Plugin, and David Vrzalik (at JBoss) fixes Hudson Issue #1, from 2005! The nice adoption story is that of JBoss, which is now using David's plugin to expose their builds at a Public Dashboard. More details at [1] and [2].

As another metric for Hudson's adoption: Nabble lists it as #3 in Activity among Java.Net projects, while Java.Net lists it as #4 in Mail Traffic; BTW, if you are interested in Nabble's metric check it here.

Thursday Aug 02, 2007

Marc Fleury on JBoss, GlassFish, OpenSource... - Nice Interview

Marc Fleury's head shot

News.Com has a nice Interview with Marc Fleury that is worth a read. With my GlassFish hat on, I specially like this quote:

... we were seriously stressed when IBM declared war with Geronimo, and then HP got in the game against us, too. Red Hat and JonAS didn't scare us at all (really - not at all), nor did we worry about Sun's foray into the market. Oddly enough, of that group only Sun has managed to mount serious competition to JBoss.

Marc has a keen understanding of the industry and the whole interview is worth a read.

Sunday Jul 15, 2007

More OpenDS Adoption - JBoss Portal


OpenDS continues to make progress. We recently reported on the OpenDS 0.9 release, but now we have available the first builds for OpenDS 1.0. And, in related events, JBoss Portal is going to use OpenDS and Ludo Added OpenDS to Ohloh.

OpenDS 1.0 final is getting closer; stay tuned.

Tuesday Jul 03, 2007

GlassFish's Metro - Now also in JBoss

Metro Layout of Barcelona

Thomas announced that JBossWS 2.1.0 will support Metro, the GlassFish WS Stack (Thomas' blog, Vivek's). Other uses include GF v2 (and SJS AS 9.1), TmaxSoft JEUS 6 and WebLogic Server 10.

Metro is designed to be extensible and integrateable and also works on Jetty and Tomcat - I'd venture it should not be hard to use inside Geronimo, so let us know if you attempt that effort.

PS - The map shown is that of Barcelona's Metro. It does not include the future Linea 9.

Thursday Jun 28, 2007

JBoss 4.2.0 GA with GlassFish's JSF 1.2 Implementation


JBoss 4.2.0 is now available as a GA release (Announcement, Release Notes). The release uses JSF 1.2@GlassFish, Tomcat 6 and Hibernate 3.2.3 but does not claim to (or try to) be a Java EE 5 implementation - the biggest single omission seems to be JAXB 2.0 and JAX-WS 2.0.

Picking and choosing specifications can cause user-confusion, but we certainly welcome their use of our JSF implementation. Coopetition helps us all.

Tuesday Apr 24, 2007

JBoss at GlassFish Day

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Continuing the series ([1], [2], [3], [4]) we're pleased to announce that one of the GlassFish Day demo station will be dedicated to JSF Portability and shared between Sun and JBoss.

While Sun's GlassFish and JBoss can be seen as competitors we're happy to report that Gavin King and Sacha Labourey have agreed to show the efforts to have our JSF Components (Sun's Project WoodStock and JBoss' RichFaces) on various containers/implementations. Portability and interoperability is very important to us. Of course, there's more to JSF than Sun and JBoss, but better start somewhere.

For an overview of GF Day check here; and, for a free registration, here. Note we now have a GlassFish Lunch scheduled with Jonathan Schwartz and Rich Green. Also stay tuned for yet more announcements.

Wednesday Feb 21, 2007

GlassFish and Spring Vs JBoss and Seam

Saber Duel by Muhlberg

What about this for a catchy title for a blog: Spring and GlassFish VS Seam and JBoss... The answer is that GlassFish is happy to work with both the Spring and the Hibernate and JBoss Seam communities.

Sorry, no duels not to the Death, ... and neither to the Pain!.

Saturday Dec 23, 2006

Using JBoss Messaging with GlassFish

Open Message Queue Architecture Diagram

GlassFish's own JMS implementation is Open Message Queue still under incubator at Java.Net (home page, technical overview, free Web training). It is a good implementation and I often feel it is well under-advertised and we should fix this... but GlassFish also includes the Generic Resource Adaptor for JMS.

The GRA site includes white papers explaining hiow to use a variety of JMS implementations includig: Tibco, WebSphere MQ 6 and Active MQ. A new addition is support for JBoss Messaging, and Ramesh recently tested and published how to configure the different pieces to accomplish this. More details at Ramesh's blog and at the GRA project web site.

Saturday Oct 14, 2006

JBoss and Sun working on the PRP protocol

PRP Diagram

Coopetition is alive and well in Open Source. Take for instance JBoss. JBoss is clearly Sun's competidor in the AppServer area but they use JAXB and JSF. Similar case with Portal: JBoss, Sun and Portlet Swap are working in the PRP Project to enlarge the market of portable portlets. See the PRP home page, the Invitation, and JBoss' blog

Tuesday Jul 25, 2006

Seam on GlassFish : Update

We've covered Roger Kitain's previous work in getting Seam to run on Glasfish (here and here). In his latest blog, Roger explains how recent changes in Seam 1.0.1 GA and JBoss make Seam more portable and consequently even more straightforward to get running on GlassFish.

Friday Jul 07, 2006

Running Seam on GlassFish - An Update

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In early June, Gavin announced that Hibernate 1.0.1 ran on GlassFish (TA report). Later in the month, Brian reported success with his own example; but some readers posted some issues (see comments). Now, Warren reports success with the Booking example.

The latest update is from the comments to Warren's blog that mentions some problems with selectItems. Also see these two threads in the GlassFish forum: thread 1 and thread2.

Monday Jun 19, 2006

Seam 1.0.1 supports GlassFish

Gavin King has just announced he's released version 1.0.1 of Seam fixing some previous known issues running with GlassFish, Gavin now reports that the issues have been sorted and Seam retested on GlassFish.

Tuesday Jun 06, 2006

JSR 299 Review Ballot - the JCP Approves the WebBeans JSR

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The Executive Comitee for Java EE/SE has approved the WebBeans JSR (submission request, ballot). WebBeans was submitted by JBoss with the endorsement of Borland, Google, JBoss, Oracle, Sun and Sybase.

The submission specifically lists EJB 3.0, JSF 1.2, JBoss Seam, Struts Shale and Oracle ADF as contributed technologies, and lists the tentative final release as April 2008.

JBoss active engagement in the JCP is very good for the Java Community. I believe this can be a very useful JSR, and I look forward to its progress. Like with JBoss Seam, we hope to track its development closely in Project GlassFish.