Monday Dec 15, 2008

JBoss 5 is now GA - Welcome to JavaEE 5!


JBoss 5 AS 5.0 is now available as GA (announcement). The commercial version is supposed to follow "soon" (their Open Source business model is slightly different to the GlassFish model).

With this announcement the most important Java EE AppServers are now compliant with JSR 244. The official Compatibility Page shows a nice 4x4 table. Below is my attempt to list them chronologically - let me know if you see mistakes. GlassFish appears twice, once for v1 and once for v2, but GlassFish v3 does not show because GFv3 prelude is not a full Java EE 5 implementation.

• May 2006 - JavaEE 5 goes final.
• May 2006 - GlassFish v1 and SJS AS 9.0 PE (two names - those were the bad old days).
• May 2006 - Tmaxsoft's JEUS 6, SAP's NetWeaver 7.1, Kingdee's Apsuic AppServer v5.0
• April 2007 - BEA's (now Oracle's) WebLogic 10
• May 2007 - Oracle's Application Server 11
• June 2007 - Apache Geronimo 2 and IBM's WebSphere Community Edition
• September 2007 - GlassFish v2
• June 2008 - NEC's webOTX 8.1
• October 2008 - IBM's WebSphere 7.0
• December 2008 - RedHat's JBoss 5

Added - I updated the table with the date for Oracle's Application Server 11.

Thursday Oct 23, 2008

... Seam and Terracotta with GlassFish, JBoss new Portal, EJB Timers, NB 6.5 Builds, Android as FOSS

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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More frameworks come with GlassFish support out-of-the-box. Seam 2.1.0 GA is out and GF support is now explicitly mentioned ([1], [2]), and Terracotta 2.7 is out, also with GlassFish support ([2]).

JBoss announces a new relationship with Magnolia (website). The tip landed in my inbox as a "new JBoss portal strategy" and there seems to be some angle there as is switching from the JBoss portal to Magnolia Enterprise, but I think of Magnolia as mostly a CMS product rather than a portal, so will keep an eye on more details. See Announcement.

NetBeans continues to get closer to NB 6.5. The community builds with the multiple localizations are now available for review and feedback - check out Masaki-san's writeup.

GlassFish v3 Prelude includes support for the EJB 3.1 draft through the new update center, and Marina has modified instructions on how to Use the EJB Timer (small modification from previous instructions).

And, as Android becomes more real, Google has Open Sourced it.

Saturday Oct 04, 2008

Hudson Roundup - Polls, Awards, Comparisons, Ruby, Grails and C++, Sonar, JBoss Portal, Courses

My last Hudson roundup was back in May (hudson+adoption). Adoption continues to be very strong, and there are plenty of interesting links, although I didn't try to catch up with all the backlog.

Hudson Logo

• The GlassFish Awards Program results were Announced at Sao Paolo with many Hudson winners. Details on the program will be at the GAP blog and we will recap here

• Results on two Polls: Top three sots at the ongoing Wakaleo Consulting poll are Hudson (166), Continuum (82), CruiseControl (87), while the Best Automation Tool results at WSJ SOA Reader's Choice poll are Hudson (264), Oracle's SOA Management Pack (152), IBM's Rational Functional Tester (149).

• Product comparisons include Chris Read, Peter Franza, and Java Papo (really book review). Hudson looks very good in all of them.

• New integrations include Integration with Sonar (the Quality Control Tool), and Integration with Windmill (the Testing Framework)

• Two posts by Schenide describing integration with non-Java environments: C++, CMake and CUnit and Grails.

• Several JBoss folks seem to be adopting Hudson (at least one being a GAP winner!), and the JBoss Portal folks describe a plugin that provides integration with SmartFrog. I could not find the plugin though, send me a pointer if you know where it is.

And reports on two recent presentations: a CI Camp near Munich and TAE Boston 2008

Thursday Sep 18, 2008

... JavaZone News, Building GF, Full Duplex, Free Hosting, S2 and JBoss and BlackBox XD,

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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Alexis reports from JavaZone about his presentation on Scripting in GlassFish v3 and reports it was Standing Room Only! JavaZone seems a Nice Conference; maybe Alexis will have some pics to post?.

Also from Alexis, a quick recipe for Building GFv2 from Source, in response to some questions in the mailing lists. Be sure to check the comments for clarifications on testing configurations.

John recently became a committer into Grizzly. He already contributed a tutorial on Writing a Protocol using Grizzly and now has mutated that into an implementation of HTTP Chunked Transfer Coding - see his writeup on Full Duplex communication.

Alex de Marco followed on the free hosting offer from OStatic and already qualified and seems very happy... and, to, give back, he provides a Quick Start Guide on his virtualized container.

Release Noises Galore: SpringSource is getting ready their Apache Tomcat-based server, now under the new name ofdm Server RC2... and JBoss now has a Java EE 5-Certified JBoss 5 RC2. I guess I could have filed this under the battle of the RC2s! S2 promises a final release in 2 weeks, JBoss in around 6 - we will see...

And on the big-toys front, a new version of BlackBox, the MD D20. I initially thought it would be using a longer container but it is still a 20 footer, just with different internal layout - clearly customer-driven. See the Technical Specs and the overview from On The Record.

Saturday Aug 23, 2008

... Arun in Berlin, GlassFish MEP, WebLogic, JBoss 5,

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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Arun will be in Berlin for the Rails Conf and is already planning other visits. So far he is already planning a visit to the Berling JUG and TU; contact him if your group (or company) is interested in chatting about GlassFish et al.

Ryan has been covering the client side of GlassFish MEP: first check out his Mobile Client SDK Overview, then a Closer look to the MCBI API and finally, the first part of Developing MEP Clients. The server side is covered by Santiago and Art, check out MEP. Also don't miss the JavaOne Slides on MEP.

Oracle has Announced WebLogic 10g R3 (InfoQ Announcement) their first release of since their acquisition of BEA. The release seems an evolution of their previous direction, with price hikes tossed in.

Sacha writes about their first JavaEE 5-based GA release, JBoss 5, due in "a couple of months". Since he compares it to GlassFish, I'll note that our third JavaEE 5-based major release, GFv3 Prelude, is due in mid-October, after GFv1 - May 06 - and GFv2 - Sept 07.

Also, I Will be away on a trip for the next 3 days, so don't expect any posts until Wednesday.

Thursday Jul 31, 2008

More Metro Adoption - JBoss, Oracle, IBM


Metro, the GlassFish Web Services stack (Metro) continues to gain adoption. Jitu reports its presence in the JDK used in WAS 7.0 (open beta). Previous reports include JBoss 5.0 and Oracle (nee BEA) WebLogic Server.

This is not surprising: the performace of Metro is very good (see, for instance, yesterday's testimonial), its interoperability is outstanding, it's Flexible Architecture supports multiple Encodings and Transports, includes REST suport via Jersey, the licenses (GPLv2+CDDL) are very usable, it has a Growing Community and great Tool Support in NB 6.1 and is an Award-Winner.

Metro is directly available in the enterprise-ready GlassFish v2 as well as in the modular GFv3, as well as in Sun's JDK. And, if you really insist, we even show you how to Install it on Tomcat :-)

Tuesday Jul 08, 2008

Migrating from JBoss to GlassFish - Part I: RESTful Services


Here is a new addition to our Switch series. Justin is in the process of converting from JBoss to GlassFish Server and he is going to document it in his blog. His first entry covers the two (small) issues he encountered when converting his REST-based endpoints: ordering of WARs and JDBC resource deployments.

Check out From JBoss to Glassfish: Part I. I will highlight Justin's additional entries as they become available.

Sunday Mar 23, 2008

More Migration Stories - From JBoss to GlassFish

I bumped into this post from David dscribing his experiences migrating his app from JBoss 4.0.4-GA to GlassFish.

Photo of Steam Engine

David covers 3 issues:

• JBoss EJBQL != GF (J2EE Spec) EJBQL
• Embeddable Objects, Entities and the GF Cache
• Refresh and the GF cache

Beyond this, it was a successful experience; for details, check out David's writeup. And keep the migration stories going...

Saturday Mar 22, 2008

Don't Leave Money on the Table - GAP (GlassFish Awards Program) News and Questions

The GlassFish Awards Program (GAP) is intended to encourage and reward innovation in the GlassFish Community. The program's rules (here) are quite loose and many types of projects will qualify. There are US$ 175K available, for both projects and bug submissions; check Previous Posts for additional commentary.

Some notes on the program:

Drawing of Money Bag

• Submissions are to be sent to Gap-Submissions at GF (Archive, mailto).
• All projects in the GlassFish community at-large are eligible.
• Applicants are individuals, we don't care were they work.
• Whether you need to sign the SCA depends on the requirements of your project.
• Docs, Portals, Workshops, etc, are all eligible. If in doubt, Ask Us.
• Don't wait until the last minute; Submit it Now!
• A good approach is to submit now what you have, then Send an Update!

We have up to 20 prizes for projects and many more for bug submissions but we have received very few submissions so far. I suspect many are waiting for the deadline, but we would much rather you submit now first and then resubmit. Don't leave money on the table!

Note! We had a configuration problem with the submission alias and it is possible that some submissions may not have been recorded properly. If you submitted, please check the alias archive, and resubmit if necessary.

Thursday Mar 13, 2008

Hudson Dashboard for GlassFish Builds - And GlassFish Awards Program...

Job Screen of GF Hudson Dashboard

The basic arrangement for the GlassFish AppServer is: sources are external (to Sun), we use Hudson on internal machines to build and run all our tests, then push out the builds out for everybody to use.

This arrangement works well for everybody except that it is hard to track the build status from outside of Sun, but that has now been fixed thanks to a new Build Publisher plugin contributed by a group at JBoss.

Check out the build dashboard and Kohsuke's Announcement. The plugin was discussed a few days ago in a Separate Post, and I clarified that it would qualify for the GlassFish Awards Program; I think it is a very useful plugin.

Monday Feb 11, 2008

JBoss to GlassFish Migration Example

Go West, Young Man! Poster

Next step on Sekhar's Master Plan: after the Tomcat Hello World example, he now has ported the JBoss's Sample JSF-EJB3 to GlassFish.

Sekhar's example covers the use of facelets, JSF, Hibernate, JNDI lookup of EJBs and packaging issues. Try it out and let us know how it works for you.

Monday Jan 07, 2008

Migrate to GlassFish!

Migration Homepage

The Migration Tool for GlassFish/SJS Application Server has been available for some time now. What Sekhar is announcing is the Open Sourcing of that tool which is GlassFish-specific and picks up where the AVK (Java EE 5 only) left off.

The new homepage for this migration tool is

Other resources include Overview, FAQ, and Documentation.

The tool currently does not support the latest and greatest versions of application servers, but that's not very important given it is meant to help people move their older applications over to GlassFish. Finally, just like the AVK, this is "just a tool", so while it can save you some precious time, it probably cannot claim 100% effectiveness.

Tuesday Dec 11, 2007

JavaWorld Article on "Leading Open Source AppServers"

JavaWorld Logo

JavaWorld has an article entitled JBoss, Geronimo, or Tomcat? Three open source Java application servers compared. It's unfortunate that they did not include GlassFish but Masoud has attempted to address that through his latest blog entry; Check it out!

We probably should write some comparison articles of our own and submit them for publication. Maybe after GFv2 UR1 goes out we will find the time to do it.

Added: Also see the discussion at TheServerSide.COM, and the comparisons at TSS and Wikipedia.

Sunday Dec 02, 2007

OpenESB on JBoss

OpenESB Logo

OpenESB is included in the GlassFish App Server, but it is also available separately. OpenESB runs on plain Java SE (see Wiki page) and Mark just announced that it Also Works on JBoss (Wiki page). All OpenESB downloads are Available here.

Also see this List of Screencasts related to OpenESB.

Tuesday Oct 09, 2007

JBoss Portal with OpenDS and OpenSSO

Informational Sign

A detailed HowTo from Boleslaw:
JBoss Portal with OpenDS and OpenSSO
  Thanks to Ludo for the tip.