Thursday May 11, 2006

The Java EE 5 SDK is final !!

After a couple of months in beta, the Java EE 5 SDK is now final, you can download it from the new Java EE hub page. On that page you'll also notice a couple of additional downloads :

Alternatively can download the components independently if you know what you're after or are bandwidth challenged.

Monday Apr 24, 2006

Enterprise Service Bus and the JBI Specification

Routemaster Bus

An Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is a distributed infrastructure where a set of service containers adapt IT assets to a standard model based on XML and Message Exchange Patterns (MEP). The ESB interconnects them with a reliable messaging bus and provides services for transforming and routing messages, as well as administration (see ron's entry or the Wikipedia page).

ESBs are popular but they suffer from a lack of standarization, and the JBI specificiation (JSR 208, addresses that problem for the Java Platform. There are a number of JBI-based Implementations; Project OpenESB is the one that we are ensuring works with GlassFish.

Stay tuned for more news on OpenESB and GlassFish, but let us know of other ESB implementations that work with GlassFish.

Tuesday Apr 11, 2006

OpenESB, SOA, JBI, and GlassFish

Spell with Flickr

Ron has a nice blog site talking about things like SOA, JBI and OpenESB. His most recent writeup, Why SOA advocates that SOA should not require new artifacts in the Web Services that are being used.

Ron does a good job of describing JBI and SOA, and he will join us here in TheAquarium to cover that area. We will also cover more of OpenESB as it runs on top of GlassFish, although I hear they are a few releases behind, so we will report after clarifying that.

If you want another voice on JBI, check James Strachan (video, TSS thread).