Tuesday Nov 17, 2009

Hudson Growth - Community and Product

The adoption of Hudson continues to grow and we are also beginning to see movement in Sun's commercial offering.

Kohsuke's Hudson Feed has many examples of adoption. The community is very active and recent posts include A Campfire Plugin and a CMake Plugin, a spanish Tutorial on SVN and Hudson and Using Hudson with Rational Team Concert (from the official IBM site!). Two posts with nice, quotable compliments are:

• From Grant Smith's Creating a Continuous Integration Server for Java Projects Using Hudson at Wazi: our conclusion - based on a combination of first-hand experience and other people's opinions - is that Hudson is the current front-runner among open source CI engines.

• From Joe Heck: Hudson - A lot of things done right: check out Hudson. It's a quick check - one download, one command-line, and you are rolling.

Three examples on the commercial side, all from today:

• We closed another customer for Sun's Hudson Support; nice! Just let us know if you have any questions.

• We also got email from one of Sun's Principal Field Engineers. He is overseas visiting a (very) large customer where he found wide use of Hudson and strong interest in improved support. We not even knew this company was using Hudson - strike another win for Open Source!

• And, our friends at Sun's Inner Circle - Sun's newsletter for CIOs - included an article on Hudson in the Nov/Dec issue.