Friday Jul 17, 2015

Using HTML 5 with JSF 2.2/Java EE 7

Though some people seem to continue to pit JSF against HTML 5, there is little practical reason this needs to be the case. In fact JSF 2.2 specifically and Java EE 7 generally has gone to great lengths to support the fellow HTML 5 body of standards.

It has always been fully possible to use native HTML in JSF pages. There is little reason you would have any practical difficulty in using most key HTML 5 features even with JSF 2.1/Java EE 6 including canvas, web workers, audio, video and local storage. The only clear place where JSF and HTML 5 can collide is while mixing and matching JSF features with newer input/data elements and attributes such as calendar, email, pattern, autofocus and placeholder. The JSF 2.2 expert group created a very novel and easy solution to this problem through pass-through elements and attributes. Using this feature you can start with an HTML 5 native element and add JSF features to it or start with a JSF element and add HTML 5 features to it seamlessly and effortlessly. By far the best write-up on this capability comes from Chicago based Java EE community advocate Josh Juneau. You should take time to read his very well written article published on OTN as well as the Java Magazine.

Washington DC based Java EE community advocate David Heffelfinger will tackle the topic of pushing HTML 5 usage to the max with JSF 2.2/Java EE 7 in his accepted JavaOne 2015 session titled Integrating JavaServer Faces and HTML5. If you can't come to JavaOne 2015 to see him in person we will share the session video with you on this humble blog when it becomes available.

Monday Feb 10, 2014

Java EE@JUDCon India

JUDCon India 2014 was held in Bangalore on the 30th and 31st of January. Returning to Banglalore for the 3rd consecutive year, JUDCon is the most significant conference focusing on enterprise development in the JBoss community. Sessions covered the latest happenings in the JBoss ecosystem including OpenShift, Arquillian, Wildfly, Aerogear, Drools, jBPM, Vert.x, JBoss Forge, JBoss Tools and Java EE 7.

Our flagship talk for this past year, titled JavaEE.Next(): Java EE 7, 8, and Beyond was accepted to be presented at the conference by none other than Oracle India's own Vijay Nair. Vijay is a good friend and a lead developer with Oracle's FLEXCUBE development group in India. Among many other things like evangelizing Java EE at Java user groups and conferences across South Asia, Vijay contributes heavily to the Cargo Tracker Java EE Blue Prints project in his spare time. The talk was a full house and went quite well with a lot of positive feedback from the participants. There was also a brief conversation about Java EE 8 as well as Cargo Tracker (of course :-)). Slides for the session are posted below:

Continuing the focus of spreading the Java EE 7 message across South Asia, Vijay will be leading a half-day, four-session workshop on Java EE 7 at the Colombo (Sri Lanka!) JUG on the 13th of March as part of their second anniversary meet up. Colombo JUG is a very active JUG and has a vibrant ecosystem of developers. Details of the meetup are here with close to around 190 people already registered for this cool event. Expect to see more of Java EE 7 and Vijay in South Asia!