Thursday Jun 23, 2011

Friday Fun - Conference Videos from JavaZone & others

Trailers or promotion videos can be very effective when done right and the Java community has been pretty good at it IMO.

The latest ones are short teasers coming from the JavaBin folks to promote their very fine JavaZone conference in Oslo, Norway in September (celebrating their 10th anniversary). Update: the entire trailer is now available.

Teaser JavaZone X

Previous videos include Lady java and Java 4 Ever (must see if you somehow missed them). The inspiration for these may have come from the JavaPolis (now Devoxx) 2006 "There are better ways to meet your idols" trailer. IIRC, James Gosling was quoted saying "This is sick, I love it!". Your mileage may vary ;)

Sun Microsystems also used to make some "promotion" videos. Here's a selection.

Monday Sep 06, 2010

Lady Java, Sparky, Duke... and the Butler at JavaZone 2010

This week is JavaZone, the conference organized in Oslo by JavaBin.  Alexis presented on GlassFish there in 2007 (video) and this year's conference seems will be the best so far, both for its technical program and the fun activities.

Starting with the fun part, check out these two, very professional looking, videos:

Video #1: is the Java 4 Ever trailer.

The cast for the video includes Williams Windows, Scala Johansson, Eddie Larrison and LennyLinux.  The video reminds me of the early JavaOne videos, specially that confessional about the impure thoughts - anybody has a link to a copy online?

Video #2 is a LadyJava Music Video.

The title character is performed by Jenny Skavlan (no.Wikipedia and en). It looks like most of the rest of the cast were volunteers; see invitation to recording. The music video is already available at YouTube - where it has already collected more than 260K views!

This one does not remind me of any JavaOne videos :-)  Check it out and you will see..

On the technical side, the Program Catalog includes sessions representing many of our friends & relatives, including:

As usual with these conferences, there are other events aligning with it, including a Hudson Meetup and a ForgeRock party where Alexis will present about GlassFish.

Post conferences reports, and get ready for JavaOne - it is just around the corner.

Monday Sep 14, 2009

New Hudson White Paper... and Recordings from JavaZone


We have published a new WhitePaper on Hudson: Developing Software Collaboratively with Hudson, like the rest of the GlassFish Portfolio WPs it requires (free) SDN registration. The WP provides a good overview of Hudson and Sun's commercial distribution: Sun CI Server (summary), which is part of the GlassFish Portfolio. Check it out and let us know what you think.

And, on a separate but related topic, Kohsuke just came back from Presenting at JavaZone and it seems it went very well. The recordings are now available and they look very good - see the Full List, the encodings in Silverlight and MP4.

Monday Sep 07, 2009

JavaZone 2009 - GlassFish and Hudson


JavaZone 2009 is this week, Sept 9-10th, at Oslo Spektrum. It looks like a nice venue, see Wikipedia and Bird's Eye, and they do all sorts of events, from Tom Jones to Muse.

It looks like a great conference; like last year, Alexis will be there presenting on GlassFish v3 and this year Kohsuke will also attend to present on Hudson.

For a full list of the presentations, check out the Agenda and the List of Sessions.

Agile Development is very well represented in the conference, see among others:

Continuous Performance Testing in the Cloud by Ole-Martin Mørk, Eivind Barstad Waaler (also on Hudson)
Agile Application Management by Jahn Arne Johnsen
Agile Enterprise Development with Groovy and Grails by Björn Beskow
Agile Specification Quality Control: How to do inspections on any kinds of IT Development outputs for measurement of major defects by Kai Thomas Gilb, Tom Gilb
Scaling Agile Software Development: Strategies for Applying Agile in Complex Situations by Scott W. Ambler
Tools and practices for agile architecture documentation by Per Spilling
Unconscious Taylorism - Why Old Thinking Hinders Agile Adoption by Marcus Ahnve

Thursday Sep 18, 2008

... JavaZone News, Building GF, Full Duplex, Free Hosting, S2 and JBoss and BlackBox XD,

A compilation of today's news of interest:

Radio Receiver Icon

Alexis reports from JavaZone about his presentation on Scripting in GlassFish v3 and reports it was Standing Room Only! JavaZone seems a Nice Conference; maybe Alexis will have some pics to post?.

Also from Alexis, a quick recipe for Building GFv2 from Source, in response to some questions in the mailing lists. Be sure to check the comments for clarifications on testing configurations.

John recently became a committer into Grizzly. He already contributed a tutorial on Writing a Protocol using Grizzly and now has mutated that into an implementation of HTTP Chunked Transfer Coding - see his writeup on Full Duplex communication.

Alex de Marco followed on the free hosting offer from OStatic and already qualified and seems very happy... and, to, give back, he provides a Quick Start Guide on his virtualized container.

Release Noises Galore: SpringSource is getting ready their Apache Tomcat-based server, now under the new name ofdm Server RC2... and JBoss now has a Java EE 5-Certified JBoss 5 RC2. I guess I could have filed this under the battle of the RC2s! S2 promises a final release in 2 weeks, JBoss in around 6 - we will see...

And on the big-toys front, a new version of BlackBox, the MD D20. I initially thought it would be using a longer container but it is still a 20 footer, just with different internal layout - clearly customer-driven. See the Technical Specs and the overview from On The Record.

Tuesday Sep 09, 2008

... Quartz and CEP for OpenESB, JDBC Pooling for Rails, JustJava in Brazil and JavaZOne in Norway

A compilation of today's news of interest:

Radio Receiver Icon

Two news from OpenESB - first a partnership with ComplexEvents.Com in the area of Complex Event Processing (thanks, Prashant). The second is the announcement of an Scheduler Service Engine using OpenSymphony Quartz.

Arun has done an update of one of his early Tip Of The Day, showing how to do JDBC Connection Pooling in Rails for GlassFish v3.

And, from Conference-Land: Kohsuke is in Brazil right now at JustJava - look for him in the Agenda, (but, no, he is not presenting in Brazilian Brazilian Portuguese, somebody will translate!) Alexis will be next week in Oslo at JavaZone, and then it will be Arun's turn, again in Brazil. Check Alexis's September's Conference Recap.

Monday Sep 01, 2008

September is conference time again for GlassFish

Sparky around the world

GlassFish is swimming to various places in the next few weeks:
RailsConf, Munich. Sept. 2nd-4th, 2008 Arun presenting.
JustJava, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Sept 10th-12th, 2008 + "Brazilian Java Month" tour. Kohsuke presenting.
JavaZone, Oslo, Norway. Sept 17th-18th, 2008. Alexis presenting.
Tech Days Brazil, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Sept 29th-Oct 1st 2008. Arun presenting.

Topics covered in those events range from GlassFish v2 and v3, Rails and other dynamic languages in GlassFish, Hudson, Web Services, and more. Please come by even to simply to say hello. We love to hear about how GlassFish and friends are being used around the globe!

I've updated the "Events" sections of the wiki and TheAquarium (this page).

Tuesday Sep 11, 2007

JavaZone - Day-1 & HK2

IBS Logo

The JavaZone conference is starting tomorrow in Oslo, Norway. Sweden-based IBS JavaSolutions consultants Rikard and Ferid will be presenting tomorrow on HK2, the Module System for GlassFish v3. They promise to make slides and demo code (module creation, repository, scoping) available from This should be real soon now given the JavaZone organizers intend to make slides available to participants during the conference.