Sunday Aug 27, 2006

Big Speed Improvements for Creator 2

Road Runner

There is a new Hot Fix for JavaStudio Creator at the Update Center. This update substantially improves project startup and editing performance (50%-90%) . Check these blogs: [1], [2], [3], [4].

This is the type of improvement that comes with a more agile development that is more closely atuned to the customer's needs and that is anchored in a community of developers and users. And we hope that the GlassFish Community will (continue to) deliver that.

Sunday Jul 16, 2006

Building a Google Map Mashup

Map with Location Icons

Alexis showed a nice Mashup at JavaDay in Versailles. Last week he described the AJAX-based demo; this week he explains how the implementation uses Java Persistence, NetBeans, and Java Studio Creator to query the, REST-based, GeoEncoding Web Service. Check Alexis' blogs (part I, part II) for details.

An alternative approach is to use a rich-desktop client; for example Aerith. This is a big topic but the main tradeoffs here are between richness / performance of the presentation, the practicalities of deployment (Java Web Start can help) and/or integration within a browser.

Friday Feb 03, 2006

Google Search and other Portlets...

Gates of Paradise

The Creator 2 team has produced several good whitepapers describing how they support Portlets, including Writing a Portlet application, Portlets with AJAX and Writing a GoogleSearch WS Porlet (some bloggers are GregZ, David and Nav).

Creator 2 includes SJS AS (GlassFish's ancestor), and uses Pluto for development (for deployment at the least it supports SJS PS). Creator and Pluto should work with GlassFish; I asked David which versions they used and they told me that they just copy pluto-1.0.1.jar and portlet-api-1.0.jar file to the "appserver_install_dir/lib" directory. We will highlight it when we confirm the details.