Sunday Aug 19, 2007

GlassFish on the Posse

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The JavaPosse is a popular weekly podcast that covers Java news in great technical details with a pretty unique and friendly tone. It has previously covered some GlassFish news.

This time, Distinguished Engineer Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart and GlassFish Architect Jérôme Dochez are interviewed in the latest episode (interview starts @ 21:49 in the show). It covers quite a bit of GlassFish v3, Jérôme's current full-time job as well as the (very) soon to be released GlassFish v2.

The JavaPosse gang has done a few live recordings in the past and will do a few more in European with stops in Norway (JavaZone) and Belgium (JavaPolis).

Friday Jun 22, 2007

The Java Posse on GlassFish: "Rule-Changing"

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As we've mentioned, GlassFish got a lot of attention at this year's JavaOne conference. So it shouldn't be surprising that it also got a lot of attention when the Java Posse guys shared their own JavaOne Restrospective [podcast, resources].

The GlassFish discussion goes from around 17:15 to 24:30 in the podcast. They start off by talking about the GlassFish v3 demo: "All you need to know ... is cycle time of less than a second to start the application server ... that is rule-changing." That's a nice endorsement of GlassFish's future, but they clearly think it has also plenty to offer right now. Not pulling any punches, one of the guys sums up his opinion of GlassFish as an application server: "It's the best one I've used of them all."

That's just a sampling of the discussion, though. They also touch on marketshare trends, the dynamics between closed-source and open-source implementations, the benefits of being a Reference Implementation, and more. It's definitely worth a listen.