Monday Dec 07, 2009

GlassFish Hands-on-Labs at

Sang Shin

It's been a while since we've mentioned Sang Shin's "Java Passion" classes. Sang is a tireless creator of material for training and hands-on labs (HOL) with detailed step-by-step instructions. The already very long list of hands-on labs now includes :

GlassFish Programming/Development (with Passion!) Online Course (main page)
GlassFish OSGi Hands-on Lab
GlassFish Embedded Hands-on Lab

but also :
Ajax/Comet Lab with GlassFish
Java EE 6 samples
Servlet 3.0 samples

.. and there's even more to come : Managed Bean, Interceptors, Bean Validation, CDI, JPA 2.0, JSF 2.0, and EJB 3.1. These are likely to come after Sang is done with Sun Tech Days in Brazil (São Paulo), starting this Tuesday (December 8th).