Thursday Jan 05, 2012

More JavaOne 2011 content on

Following-up quickly on the recent update to JavaOne 2011 content on, you will now find another 15 (free) sessions on the official JavaOne 2011 channel.


There are now a total of 48 sessions and the new ones include :
• "Why Java is an Ideal Platform for DevOps Automation"
• "From DevOps to NoOps: 10 cloud services you should be using"
• "HTML5 and Java: The Facts and the Myths"
• "Clusters in the Clouds: Dynamically Scaling Application Server Clusters with the Cloud"
• "Experiences with Java EE-enabled PaaS"
• "Networks as information Factories"
• "Java for legacy code reengineering"
• "Couchbase - NoSQL for social Game Scaling and performance"
• "More JVM tuning from the Pros"

Wednesday Oct 12, 2011

JavaOne 2011 Content - Keynotes and on-site interviews

In addition to the JavaOne 2011 content now hosted on, the OTN Media Network has the full-length keynotes as well as a long list of onsite interviews with various community members.

Check it out!


Monday Oct 10, 2011

JavaOne 2011 Afterglow - yet more coverage

The previous post had a number of JavaOne community impressions but there seems to be large batch of them, so here are a few more :

Craig clearly caught the Cloud angle, LJC's Martijn shared how the conference started, and Janice reflected on the Java panel.


The article comments on the various Java roadmaps announced at the conference while Eclipse's Ian Skerrett gave the overall event the thumbs up.

The official JavaOne blog was, as expected, very busy with a highlight of the JCP awards, a coverage of both the technical keynote, as well as the strategy keynote, a list of Oracle's announcements at the conference, and closing with the review of the community keynote.

Sunday Oct 09, 2011

JavaOne 2011 Afterglow - Blogosphere coverage

I think it's fair to call this year's JavaOne successful conference. While not held in the Moscone Center, many little improvements added up to a much increased attendance, and some good content and announcements to provide and exciting event.


Dustin shares his own impressions as well as a nice roundup of blogs covering the event. You probably also want to read Cay Horstmann's series of blogs (now a classic at JavaOne): Day 0 | Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4.

Other coverage include TheServerSide's "JavaOne 2011: Mark it up as a success", Steven Chin's "JavaOne is Rebuilding Momentum" or Artima's three-part coverage: Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3.

As announced at the event, the JavaOne 2011 channel on is now available. You can start with Adam Bien's "Java EE, the cool parts". Expect more coverage of JavaOne in the days to come, there's just really been a lot going on...

Wednesday Oct 05, 2011

JavaOne 2011 Slides (a beginning)

Whether you are attending JavaOne 2011 or not, you'll probably be interested in downloading slides used at the conference.

They are starting to show up on the conference content catalog , so here are a few ones that are relevant to Java EE and GlassFish :


Oracle GlassFish Server in the Virtual World (25041)
Service Orchestration Requirements for Java EE PaaS Runtimes (25361)
Enterprise JavaBeans Technology 3.2 (23180)
Enterprise SOAP: Advanced "Off the Wire" Features (24784)
Introducing Contexts and Dependency Injection 1.1 (22480)
Java EE 6 Tools Support: What Do You Need? (25065)
Java EE 6: The Cool Parts - Part 1 (21641)
Java EE 6: The Cool Parts - Part 1 (21641)
Java EE Web Container in the Cloud (22340)
Java EE Web Security by Example (17340)
JAX-RS 2.0: What's in JSR 339? (22800)
Strategies and Best Practices for Highly Scalable Java Persistence Applications (25145)
The New JSR 107 Caching Standard (24223)
Using OAuth with RESTful Web Services (24761)
Cloud-Enabled Java Persistence (24445)

While getting PDF slides is great, I think you can expect more.

Monday Oct 03, 2011

JavaOne 2011 Java EE Technical Keynote Demo - under the covers

The "Java EE Applications in the Cloud" demo in Linda DeMichiel's JavaOne 2011 technical keynote covered a lot of ground - PaaS, virtualization, orchestration, elasticity and more.


If you've missed it or if you want to learn more, this page as a link to a detailed screencast and all the instructions to run the demo yourself using a recent build of GlassFish 4.0.

It's still early days, so you still have an opportunity to share feedback and influence both the overall Java EE 7 direction as well as GlassFish 4.0.

Saturday Oct 01, 2011

JavaOne 2011 is just hours away

JavaOne 2011 starts this Sunday! If you are attending the event, don't forget to stop by the GlassFish Community Event and if you are not, don't forget that you can follow the keynotes live.

As far as Java EE and GlassFish are concerned, you don't want to miss :

• Technical Keynote on Monday, 9:30am PT with Linda DeMichiel
• Strategy Keynote on Tuesday, 9:30am PT with Cameron Purdy


The JavaOne live channel will also cover OTN TechCast Live content and if you're interested in the Oracle Open World keynotes, you should try this page