Monday May 05, 2014

Java ME 8 Arrives

Java ME 8 is now here, just a short while after Java SE 8. From my personal experience many developers still strongly associate Java ME with feature phones and are far too quick to not pay enough attention to it. It is important to remember that Java ME is really about running Java on any small devices, not just feature phones. This means that Java ME can be hugely important for the emerging field of IoT (Internet of Things). In fact IoT is a major theme for this Java ME release for this reason. Depending on the capabilities of the device and your requirements you could also use Java SE or Java EE. For many devices in IoT though Java ME may be the only logical option.

Oracle's Terrence Barr does an excellent job summarizing Java ME 8 in a recent blog post. The entry points to some great resources for getting started. There's also the great video below:

Speaking of feature phones - if you really think you are too cool to develop on them, it may be a mindset worth reconsidering. Facebook just got into features phones via a sixteen billion dollar purchase of a company that makes a Java ME application. Believe it or not, Facebook's move is fairly well calculated. While smartphone sales just outpaced feature phones last year, most of the world's population outside of richer countries still does not own a phone. As this population gradually gets access to mobile networks over the coming years chances are they won't opt for the most high end phone available instead of sticking to a cheap, rugged, simple feature phone.

Please note that any views expressed here are my own and does not necessarily reflect the position of Oracle as a company.

Sunday Oct 31, 2010

Last Day to Vote in the JCP EC Election

Monday, November 1st, is the last day for JCP members to vote for the Executive Committee.  Members follow the JCP 2(.7) to vote using the Candidate Lists for two types of seats, ratified and elected, in the ME and SE/EE ECs.

This is the first election held under Oracle and it generated a number of comments. I find encouraging that Oracle's participation in the public conversation has been increasing, including the recent comments on Hologic and on 'stacking' the board from Adam Messinger.  I wish the JCP BBoard set for this had seen more traffic, but at least Scott Shapiro from Hologic used it to clarify their position.

JCP Members vote online here using instructions that were sent to them earlier.  Final results should be posted on Tuesday.

Wednesday Oct 07, 2009

JCP 2009 Elections are Now!


The 2009 JCP Elections are here. The JCP has been trying to improve transparency with the new JSR 215 rules (JCP 2.7 MR); now it is your turn.

Between now and Oct 14th you can nominate names for the two open seats (Java SE/EE and Java ME) here. Then, from Nov 20th til Oct 2nd, you can vote on the seats.

Check out the Call for votes and the Election Overview.

Sunday Oct 29, 2006

When will Sun start Open Sourcing Java?...

Let's Get Going Duke

The internet is abuzz with speculation on when Sun will start Open Sourcing Java. Jonathan has indicated that it will be Very Soon, but, exactly when? You should know the answer... a year ago, at JavaOne '05!

16 months ago we announced the plan to Open Source the Java EE RI in the GlassFish Community, under an OSI-approved license, the MPL-based CDDL license. Then, this May, we Released Java EE 5 with ever increasing Contributions from the Community.

But what people want to know is when Sun will open source Java SE and Java ME. There, I can't help you; you will have to stay tuned. I'm sure you won't be able to miss the event :-) TheAquarium will certainly report it and we will provide context for our audience.