Saturday Nov 01, 2008

JavaHispano and Readers' Choice Poll Results


The JavaHispano Oct 2008 poll covered AppServer adoption. Despite the methodological challenges in self-selected polls ([1], [2]), I think this one is a bit more accurate because it is more community focused.

Eyeballing the Results Page, with a sample of 1197, Tomcat had ~550 votes, JBoss ~180 and GlassFish ~170; which is a better showing for GF than I was expecting for this community.

The SOA WSJ Reader's Choice poll is still ongoing and the projects related to GlassFish are doing very well.

Sunday Oct 19, 2008

Report on Special Webinar in Spanish - And Poll at JavaHispano


This last Thursday I hosted a Special Webinar for the Spanish-speaking community. The webinar home page (spanish, english) has links to the presentation (SlideShare, PDF) and to the recording.

The presentation went very well and there was interest from the audience in making it a regular event. Future events will also be hosted at TheAquarium Online and we will announce it here, at JavaHispano and at other sites.

Also, if you participate at JavaHispano, check out the results (vote) for their poll on AppServer usage - Tomcat is number one but I'm surprised GlassFish is number three, ahead of WAS and WLS and close to JBoss. I hope next year things will look even better.

Sunday Jun 10, 2007

From Bilbao -- GlassFish en Español

Vizcaya Bridge

Enrique is one of the leaders of JavaHispano and he has been writing a nice set of reviews of GlassFish in spanish including 4 on Web Services ([1], [2], [3], [4]), Virtual Web Servers, Comet, and OpenJava Day.

Enrique lives in Bilbao; the photo is that of Vizcaya Bridge, a transporter bridge still in operation.