Thursday Dec 22, 2005

Java-based MicroBenchmarking: Project Japex

Santiago just created a new project to develop Japex. Japex is a framework we have been using internally for a number of micro-benchmarks, including some related to the FastInfoset project. For widest appeal, the code is under the Apache License, like the FI project.

Friday Dec 02, 2005

DOM vs JAXB Performance

DOM vs JAXB graph

Santiago has been working for a while on performance issues around Web Services and XML. He is a member of the original team that worked on the Fast Infoset standard and implementation (see the fi project), and is now contributing to the improvements to the iStack (JAXB 2.0 and JAX-WS 2.0) implementation in GlassFish. In his new blog he discusses the performance of JAXB vs DOM using results from the japex framework.