Thursday Jan 21, 2010

Sun Microsystems, 1982-2010. The Network IS


The European Union Commission today unconditionally approved the Oracle acquisition. See reports at WSJ, NYT, GigaOM, ElReg and elsewhere, and tune to the Webcast of Jan 27th.

James has a created an image with Tux and Duke for the occasion, check out So Long, Old Friend, and consider leaving a comment, if you are so inclined... and get a mug.

Monday Jun 22, 2009

Jazoon Preview - GlassFish, JavaEE 6, Hudson, Metro, JavaFX... and James

Not exactly the Antipodes but I think we can argue we have the whole world covered... While FISL is hosted in Porto Alegre, Jazoon will be held in Zurich.

Check out the Jazoon Home Page and Schedule and check Alexis' List of Talks related to GlassFish.

And, if you are on the other side, check GlassFish @FISL!