Monday Mar 14, 2011

Java EE 7 review ballot results - Go!

The votes for the proposed Java EE 7 JSR are in and it's a full house of YES (13 out of 13). In fact, all others submitted JSRs come out with the same flying colors: Expression Language 3.0, Servlet 3.1, JMS 2.0, and JSF 2.2.


The specification leads should now form the expert groups (if you are interested, check out the "I would like to join this Expert Group" link on each JSR page). Other expected JSRs include EJB, BeanValidation, CDI (in fact this just came in), and the "JSON API" which would account for a total of 12 13 JSRs (13 seems like the lucky number of the day). This includes JCache and Concurrency Utilities for Java EE and the recently approved JAX-RS 2.0 and JPA 2.1 JSRs. There could be more and history has shown that things can change (for the better).

Check this earlier post on the context and scope of the umbrella Java EE 7 JSR. While the cloud is an important theme, there is much more in this release!