Tuesday Jun 29, 2010

Red Documents - First Phase of Java EE Documentation Move

As part of the integration of Sun.Com web assets into Oracle.Com, last week we moved a number of "framed" documents to new locations at download.oracle.com. Redirects should make the whole thing work transparently so please let us know if you see any broken links in this area (and, yes, the link to the SCA file broke - again).

The list of documents that have moved make for a trip down memory lane; they include the APIs for J2EE 1.2.1, J2EE 1.3, J2EE 1.4, Java EE 5 and Java EE 6, and the tutorials for SunOne (J2EE 1.3-based), J2EE 1.4, Java EE 5 and Java EE 6, as well as the First Cup of Java EE.  Note that the Tutorial for J2EE 1.3 based on the RI has not moved (yet) because it does not use frames.