Thursday May 29, 2008

Italian Wisdom awaits Marten Mickos

'La Sapienza' University

Marten Mickos, former MySQL CEO, now Senior SVP with Sun Microsystems, is expected in Rome, at the local University, called "La Sapienza" (= Wisdom or Knowledge). The event, on May 30, is a mix of private and public occurrences. Marten will meet local customers and Sun officials, before speaking in front of an audience at the University.

More information at the other speakers' blogs. Ivan Zoratti and Giuseppe Maxia

Sunday Sep 23, 2007

Swimming to Italy - GlassFish Day in Milan next week

GlassFish Day Milan

Quick reminder, next GlassFish Day is Wednesday this coming week in Milan. Of course we'll discuss the recent GlassFish v2 release and v3 plans, but we'll also cover Portal, OpenESB, Jersey/JAX-RS, OpenMQ and Metro. This free event is part of the greater Sun TechDays event in Italy [Registration] - Monday/Tuesday in Rome, Wednesday through Friday in Milan.

Arun has already blogged about jMaki and Web Services sessions. There will also be "Java EE , GlassFish and Their Future" presentations in both places. Check the agenda.