Wednesday Feb 11, 2009

JSF 2.0 PR2 - Now Available (but remember to set "View All Versions!")


The JSF team has released a New Version of JSF 2.0 (release notes, changelog, JSF). We welcome and encourage feedback, although note this is an early access, spec and implementation-wise.

You can install the ZIP manually or the IPS repositories automatically using either the admin console or the update tool. The repositories are very convenient but check what is your preferred repository and remember to set your "View All Versions!" - see ScreenShot.

We are working on improving the experience of using the repositories; your feedback is very appreciated.

Saturday Jan 31, 2009

Preferred Repositories, UpdateTools, and the JSF Update - and a small bug

As promised in yesterday's note here are the details on the UpdateCenter (2.0) bug and "update logic" ...


The story starts with Ryan releasing new JSF packages in December; updates that my update tool didn't see. Several JSF team folks I contacted reported success so I assumed I was affected by a new bug and later wrote an entry. But last week I finally had some time and there are two different issues:

• The first one is a usability issue: the Update Tool checks for updates from multiple repositories one of which is preferred. The community and the Sun distributions of GFv3 Prelude have different configurations and our observed behavior reflected which distro we were testing.

• After we realized the first, the second issue was easy: just a simple bug, 1075.

The result is that we are going to fix 1075, and, we are going to look at how we define the search through the repositories, and how we report on possible updates - the current arrangement is just too error-prone. If you have experiences with similar mechanisms that you want to contribute please let us know.

Friday Jan 30, 2009

New IPS (pkg(5) Toolkit - Entitlements and more


Version 2.1 of the IPS-based, multi-platform, package management system is now available for Download. Full details are available in the Release Notes but Tom's announcement lists the highlights and Joe provides an screencast of the features.

Probably the most significant new feature in 2.1 is entitlement support, which will enables us to use it to deliver our commercial products. The first GlassFish product that will use the new release is WebSynergy, now "almost out".

The team is already working on version 2.2 to fixing some bugs and add features / improvements, including some issues I stepped on while trying out the latest JSF Package; I'll try to write about those later in the weekend (... done).

Sunday Dec 07, 2008

... Reglib or JQuery, IPS and UpdateCenter, and Wikipedia and MySQL

Some recent news of interest:

Radio Receiver Icon

JQuery is a small and fast JavaScript Framework (Wikipedia, homepage). JQuery is very popular (Google Trends!), but Greg (Reimer - one of the developers of Sun.Com) was interested in exploring a declarative approach to JavaScript programming and created reglib (for registration library). JavaScript fiends can start at Reg's reglib vs JQuery post, and then browse though his Other posts, and then go Download the code.

The pack(5) (i.e. IPS) toolkit continues to make progress. Although it came from the OpenSolaris effort it is really platform independent and IPS is at the core of the new Update Center for GlassFish v3. Check the IPS blog and the IPS Best Practices Wiki. A recent good presentation is outlined in Intro to pkg(5) - I'd like to schedule one for TheAquarium Online series.

Finally a story that is a couple of weeks old; Wikipedia is going to use Sun's OpenStorage products to run MySQL (see Jonathan's entry). Hopefully we will see many more to come in the future as we continue to Optimize the Performance of MySQL on Sun's Systems.

Sunday Oct 05, 2008

... JavaEE 6 Progress, IPS Wiki, Hudson and Windows, Graphical BPEL, and Sony PRS700 vs Kindle 2

A compilation of today's news of interest:

Radio Receiver Icon

Roberto has provided a Schedule Update for JavaEE 6. As a brief summary: JAX-RS is in Final Draft, EJB 3.1 in Public Draft, and the remaining specs will also be in PD by end of October, and all the specs are planned to be final by JavaOne 09 (June 2-5, 2009).

Chris, in the UC2 team, has announced a new user-focused site for the multi-platform IPS-based tool. The IPSBestPractices site resides at Wikis.Sun.Com where it can leverage additional functional facilities and (equally more important) improved availability.

The latest Hudson builds (Download, ChangeLog) have new facilities for self-installing on Windows servers. Check Kohsuke's entries on Hudson 1.253 (the latest is 1.255) and Installing Hudson on Windows Got Easier.

BPEL is a key tool for users of tools like GlassFish ESB (site) but, as Adam points out, its diagrams are not necessarily at the ideal level. So, he has been exploring how to overlay some SVG diagrams over the BPEL ones. Check out Adam's Graphical Monitoring for BPEL 2 and give him feedback.

Finally, the retailers are already getting ready for Christmas so we are seeing the last batch of consumer-focused devices, including the latest E-Books: Sony's PRS 700 and Amazon's Kindle 2. The Sony looks prettier and has a touch-screen, but the G3 purchase connectivity of the Kindle is still very compelling. We will see...

Thursday Aug 28, 2008

GlassFish v3 - UpdateCenter Module 101

Updatetool snapshot

With GlassFish v3, we're moving from a home-grown packaging and update mechanism used today in GlassFish v2 to IPS. Jim has a detailed write-up about how to build an update center module for GlassFish v3.

Jim covers setting up the tools if you're not using OpenSolaris, module configuration (there is no file format and packaging per say), setting up a repository, and browsing existing repositories (simply point your browser to the magic URL).

The objective for the GlassFish Update Center remains the same - easily expose your software add-ons and updates to both internal of external users (4+ Million GlassFish downloads a year).

Thursday Jul 17, 2008

Hudson as an IPS Package


Hudson is now available as an IPS package, joining the existing Debian, OpenSUSE, and FreeBSD packages. The IPS package is available here; Kohsuke provides Complete Instructions on how to install it; pretty straight forward, althought it currently requires a couple of extra steps.

One of the benefits of Kohsuke doing this is that it helps us become more familiar with IPS. Also check this comparison between IPS and apt-get commands, and these doc pages: pfexec, svcadm and svccfg.

Other related entries are tagged under Hudson and IPS.

Sunday Jun 29, 2008

GlassFish on your OpenSolaris (on your VirtualBox)

The new OpenSolaris-branded distribution was launched at CommunityOne (PR, GetIt); together with efforts like OpenSolaris.COM and TheObservatory it is intended to help the users of OpenSolaris complementing the developer-focused OpenSolaris.ORG.

I think will see significant increased adoption of OpenSolaris in the next few months. Other trends that will help are the increased adoption of VirtualBox (home page, vb at TA, LinuxJournal Award), the new IPS package system, and more familiarization with features like ZFS, DTrace and IPS.


Several people in GlassFish have started doing more things with OpenSolaris and we will track them through TA. Here are some useful initial pointers:

Installing OpenSolaris on VB on MacOSX.
Official OS Docs
• Amitsaha's IPS Overview and official Getting Started with IPS document.
• Alexis' GF v2 on OpenSolaris and official Installing GFv2 from IPS document.
• Arun's JRuby on Rails an MySQL on VB

Friday May 30, 2008

OpenDS Delivered as IPS Packages


Chris has a very detailed analysis of how to use IPS to package OpenDS. A bit on the long side, but I'd recommend it if you are interested in IPS.

IPS is the format we are going to use with the next version of the GlassFish Update Center. IPS is also the format used in OpenSolaris but we are going to use it in an OS-independent manner. And, before you ask, no, we are not going to limit ourselves to delivering only IPS packages.

Check Chris's entry at OpenDS in IPS format. Feedback here or at Chris's blog.

Thursday Jan 31, 2008

Hudson Call for IPS Maintainer - And Other News Roundup

Quick roundup on Hudson news:

Hudson Logo

• Kohsuke is looking for an IPS maintainer.
• Hudson and... Grails, JRuby and Cobertura.
• Presentation at FOSDEM - Blog and interview
• Kind words - Hudson Rocks, Hudson Love, More Love (and some gripes).

Thursday Dec 13, 2007

jRuby and GoldenSpike on GlassFish - via Update Center

Two Engines fce to face

Pramod has pushed to the GlassFish Update Center Repository a freshly minted version (2.0) of the "Ruby on GlassFish Module". This includes JRuby 1.0.2, GoldSpike 808 and all you need, including Rails, Rake, ActiveRecord and more. It even comes with three samples: HelloWorldRailsApp, cookbook, and Mephisto 0.7.3.

All you need to do to get started is fire the latest UpdateTool from GFv2 UR1, as in:


...And, no!, you didn't miss the announcement, the formal release for GFv2 UR1 won't happen until early next week, but you could go get the latest RC. Get all the details from Pramod's writeup.

Monday Nov 05, 2007

IPS (yes, _that_ IPS) and GlassFish

IPS Prototype

We have reported on the GlassFish UpdateCenter but the team has also been working on the next version, using IPS from OpenSolaris to gain technical advantages and also significantly align efforts.

There is now a prototype of UC v2 that is capable of installing GF v2, Message Queue (OpenMQ), JavaDB (Apache Derby) and Ant packaged using IPS. For details check the Wiki page; don't miss the ScreenCast.

I'll keep you posted on developments and on the tentative schedule when we have one.