Sunday Sep 14, 2008

... JSF Features, Griffon, Sailfin Competition, Size of EJB 3.1, IzPack and IPS, and Apple Store Revolts

A compilation of today's news of interest:

Radio Receiver Icon

From the land of the JSF 2.0 Spec Ed is asking for feedback on the last list of JSF Features that are considered by the Expert Group. The Full List has 37 entries, of which 20 are Listed as Hard.

Griffon is a Grails-like framework that uses Groovy and Swing for RIA. Geertjan has already written an Overview and now explains how to add support to it in NetBeans by Converting Grails to Griffon. Both NetBeans and GlassFish Server are very inclusive on the scripting front: a very warm welcome to our party!

A quick heads-up from the Sailfin community: a last chance to enter the Sailfin/Ericsson Contest, the deadline is Sept 30th.

Adam continues his advocacy for EJB 3.x, specially EJB 3.1 and points out that the implementation of EJB 3.1 is very small! Ken just told me that the EG is making good progress with the next public draft, so stay tuned on that front.

Julien continues to work on IzPack for GlassFish (as time is available!) and now has a version using the IPS Packaging system and GlassFish v3. Check out JPZ's note, while ChrisK goes into More Dicussion of the IPS details. The download is here - Julien said he would try to get a new rev "soon"...

And noises of unhappiness with the recent Rejection of Podcaster from the iTunes AppStore because: <quote>Since Podcaster assists in the distribution of podcasts, it duplicates the functionality of the Podcast section of iTunes<\quote>. See the comments from Spier (the developer of Exposure) and Gruber.

Tuesday Apr 17, 2007

Not your Usual iPod Contest - GlassFish Champion Call for Candidates

GlassFish champion ipod

This is not your usual iPod contest: we want to specially recognize some of the many individuals that have contributed to the success of GlassFish community so we have ordered a few special GlassFish Champion iPods and we are planning to award them at GlassFish Day.

We already have several candidates in mind but we really want to hear from you. Who do you think has been a key contributor in the last year? Please send us your candidates and your reasons for choosing them to pelegri at sun dot com or jamey dot wood at sun dot com... and ping us if we don't acknowledge receipt of your email; this is very much the JavaOne silly season and our inbox is in really bad shape.

GlasssFish Day is part of CommunityOne; events include keynotes by Jonathan and Rich as well as multiple tracks, multiple demo stations, free lunch and goodies, and complimentary access to some JavaOne events next day. Attendance is free but limited and you need to register.

Monday Apr 02, 2007

GlassFish V2 Beta Download Contest: Still Time to Enter and Win

iPod Nano

One down, three to go. That's where the iPod giveaways stand in the GlassFish V2 Beta Download Contest. Tim Davidson of the United Kingdom has been named the contest's first winner (see the official winners page for more info).

Congratulations, Tim! And a big thanks to everyone who has participated so far.

How did Tim do it? And how can you get a shot at one of the three remaining iPods? It's simple. Just try out Sun's distribution of GlassFish V2 and submit your feedback. You'll be helping us by providing your thoughts on how we can make the GlassFish Application Server even better. And, if you're one of the lucky winners, you'll be helping yourself to a brand new iPod Nano.

Winners are selected every two weeks during the contest. So enter soon.

Also see the official contest rules and Ken's summary of the feedback generated in the contest so far.

Tuesday Nov 07, 2006

Java EE SDK Download Contest

Duke Nano

Harpreet reports on the ongoing Java EE 5 SDK Contest. The SDK includes SJS AS 9.0 PE UR1 (Sun's distribution of the final bits of GlassFish V1 UR1), and the contest is to encourage you to fill in a survey to understand better your needs, specially around deployments.

As you enter the contest, please also consider adding your site - if applicable - to our GlassFish Adoption Wiki page.