Friday Mar 06, 2009

JavaEE and Rails Drive our Latest GlassFish Stories: MidwifeMate and Involver

Two more adoption stories; they both use GFv2 and MySQL Server, but while one is a traditional Java EE story, the other is a Rails App ported from Mongrel.


MidwifeMate is a pretty traditional GlassFish adoption: they liked the JavaEE compliance, the ease of use of GlassFish and the multi-platform support.

The MidwifeMate application spans the web tier (JSF/Facelets), EJBs and JPA. They use Hibernate talking to a MySQL Server and develop on Eclipse using the GlassFish Eclipse Plugin. For more details check the adoption story and the Questionnaire


In contrast, looks like a Rails app because it is, except that it is running on GlassFish through JRuby. The application can been developed originally for a pack of mongrels but the team felt this "deployment strategy wasn't an efficient use of resources, both human and machine." and explored using JRuby. GlassFish was chosen because of Sun's commitment to JRuby and the overlap between the two communities. uses OpenMQ via JMS in JRuby Rack, as well as MySQL via JDBC. They are currently using GFv2 but looking forward to GFv3. For more details, check the Adoption story and the Questionnaire.