Wednesday Mar 21, 2012

Java EE 7 interview @ InfoQ

Anil Gaur, the head of JavaEE and GlassFish at Oracle, was recently interviewed by InfoQ on the progress and scope of Java EE 7. Make sure you read this for an up-to-date status.


It turns out that the final release of Java EE 7 in now slated for late Q1, early Q2, 2013 with most specs expected t be at the Public Review stage by this summer.

In addition to the improvements to the JMS, JAX-RS, JPA and JSF specifications Anil also covers the new JSON and WebSockets JSRs and gives a complete overview of the Java EE platform at it is shaping up with PaaS as its main theme.

Friday Apr 29, 2011

Latest podcast - GlassFish Voices

The latest episode (#73) of the GlassFish Podcast is out. It's a bit different from the other ones (mostly 1-1 interviews) since it has about 20+ participants.

These are Oracle employees working on GlassFish briefly sharing who they are, what they did for the recent 3.1 release and what they'll be up to for GlassFish 3.2 and related efforts.


I couldn't get to talk to every single engineer but I'm hoping this gives you a chance to hear the voice of the people that brought you GlassFish. You may get a glimpse at the upcoming and exciting 3.2 work too!

Tuesday Apr 05, 2011

Antonio's take on Java EE adoption

Java Champion and Java EE book author Antonio Goncalves was been recently interviewed over at DZone by GlassFish user Hamlet D'Arcy about current and future Java EE. The discussion covers how to move to Java EE 6, from "do nothing" to full Java EE & CDI adoption with intermediary steps such as BeanValidation, simpler EJB packaging, standard JNDI names, or removing useless DAOs.


Based on his experience as an independent consultant Antonio shares some of his ideas for the future of Java EE around flow management and batch, discusses his continued involvement in the JCP as an expert group member, as well as free vs. open source in the context of application servers.

Meanwhile, Antonio's "Java EE 7 – I have a (few) dream(s)" earlier entry keeps getting interesting comments. Check it out.

Monday Mar 21, 2011

Pace is key - Steve Harris on Java EE 7 and beyond

You've heard about Java EE 7 from the spec lead (more coverage from TheAquarium) and from other folks in the community, hear about it now from an Oracle exec, Steve Harris.

This is a short (15-minute) interview featured on the latest episode (#22) of the Java Spotlight Podcast (RSS, iTunes), a weekly talkshow with recent Java news and feature interviews.

Steve Harris

Steve discusses the newly voted Java EE 7 JSRs, the focus on multi-tenancy, elasticity and other topics, modularity, how Java EE versions relate to Java SE, upcoming changes to the JCP, and much more. Check it out!

Wednesday Feb 23, 2011

Java EE 6 feedback from its users - a series

Arun has been running a Java EE 6 feedback from its users series on the reasons for adopting the technology but also on what can still be improved.

The lastest in the series is from Java Champion and NLJUG leader Bert Ertman. Bert has extensive experience with Java EE working with customers, organizing conferences, and delivering trainings, so his perspective is an interesting one.


Speaking of Bert, his EJB 3.1 presentation at the bejug a few months back is a great proof that Java EE presentations can be both informative and funny!

Friday May 23, 2008

Jerome at Blip.TV on GlassFish v3


Ed Ort interviewed Jerome during JavaOne a couple of weeks ago and the interview just got published at Blip.TV; it runs for about 10 minutes, it covers a tiny bit of background and provides information on the GlassFish v3 architecture.

I believe there will be a front page article at Sun.Com soon on GlassFish that will reference to this interview and other material. I'll let you know when it is up.

It's very nice to see how GlassFish has spread from its engineering roots into other areas inside (and outside) Sun. We have a number of ideas in the pipeline around that, including taking advantage of Project WebSynergy to provide a better community portal (running on GF, of course).

Thursday Mar 20, 2008

Sailfin interview up on DZone

Sailfin project logo

DZone has an interview up with two of the Sailfin developers. Sailfin in the project developed in commun with Ericsson to provide a SIP-enabled application server. The interview goes into the value of writing "converged applications" which lets the developer access the contents of both SIPsession and HTTPSession from the same code and thus provide exiting new possibilities for rich media interactions.

This is not (only) telco software for the telco world!

Vince gets into how much work has gone into enhancing NetBeans 6.1 to ease development (previous coverage on TheAquarium here), including the testing side of things (a SIP injector really). Sailfin is built to provide SIPServlet support as an extension to GlassFish, leveraging its existing administration, performance, and clustering technologies. Of course, being an open source project is another key value of the projects.

More Sailfin coverage on this blog can be found here.
Get started with Sailfin at

Sunday Nov 04, 2007

Introducing GlassFish Podcasts

GlassFish podcast logo

The first two episodes of the GlassFish Podcast are now up (part 1 and part 2 of a Metro interview with Vivek Pandey). Each part is around 20 minutes. By now you should be able to subscribe directly from iTunes by searching for "glassfish".

The next episode is about GlassFish Clustering and the Shoal project (expect this early next week). Future episodes will include interviews on tooling, v3, deployment, update center, OpenMQ, Hudson, and more. These will go out in the coming weeks. Any preference as to which one you would like to see come out first? Any preference on the length of these episodes?

Suggestions on future topics? Be sure to comment here or send an email to

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Sunday Aug 19, 2007

GlassFish on the Posse

JavaPosse logo

The JavaPosse is a popular weekly podcast that covers Java news in great technical details with a pretty unique and friendly tone. It has previously covered some GlassFish news.

This time, Distinguished Engineer Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart and GlassFish Architect Jérôme Dochez are interviewed in the latest episode (interview starts @ 21:49 in the show). It covers quite a bit of GlassFish v3, Jérôme's current full-time job as well as the (very) soon to be released GlassFish v2.

The JavaPosse gang has done a few live recordings in the past and will do a few more in European with stops in Norway (JavaZone) and Belgium (JavaPolis).