Wednesday Apr 02, 2008

Metro and Microsoft - Microsoft Technology Centers and in BizTalk

FLying Pig in Cincinnati

You know the saying... "when Pigs Fly..."? Well, Clemen's Latest note starts:

A flock of pigs has been doing aerobatics high up over Microsoft Campus in Redmond

What he is referring is that he just checked in GlassFish and Metro into the latest Biztalk SDK! Neat! And he has some very nice words for the Metro team, as Arun highlights.

On the other side of the Atlantic, Alexis highlights another Microsofter, Stéphane, on another aspect of the same relationship: GF and NetBeans being available at Microsoft Technology Centers.

I think we may have a new mascot - the flying pig!

Tuesday Mar 25, 2008

Metro and GlassFish on the road to yet better interop with Microsoft's Web Services stack

connecting wires

The latest stable version of Metro (which ships as part of GlassFish v2) has been extensively tested with Microsoft's WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) version 3.0. The next version of .Net 3.5 is already out and the team is working hard to achieve the best possible interoperability with this new set of WS-\* implementations.

Harold and Rama report on the most recent "plugfest" with Microsoft engineers. The work involves moving from some non-standard technologies (such as WS-ReliableMessaging 1.0 which is "just" a specification, not an open standard) to the OASIS version (OASIS WS-RM 1.1, dated July 2007) for better interoperability. The set of test scenarios is comprehensive and results very promising.

Check out Metro's roadmap here for an idea of when to expect stable releases. In the mean time, you can get the nightly builds.

Thursday Nov 15, 2007

Metro Web Services and Microsoft plugfest report

Harold's pic

One of the components in GlassFish v2 getting great attention from both developers and architects is the Metro Web Services stack and the Microsoft interoperability it enables, specifically with .Net's 3.0 WCF. With Microsoft moving ahead to .Net 3.5, Metro is also evolving to make sure the interoperability remains first class.

Harold is reporting from the recent plugfest with Microsoft engineers testing the interop level of standard versions of existing Web Services specifications. One such new standard is OASIS WS-ReliableMessaging 1.1 (vs. version 1.0 included in Metro 1.0). Obviously, there are also several security-related standards implementations being tested as explained by Jiandong.

The results are quite encouraging and the Metro version interoperable with .Net 3.5 is scheduled for 2008.
Update: Geertjan has an interview with Harold on this very same topic.

Thursday Aug 02, 2007

A Happy Metro User - PHP interoperability

aseop fox

One of the key benefits of Metro, the Web services stack in GlassFish, is basic Web services interoperability provided by JAX-WS RI and .NET 3.0 interoperability by Project Tango. Greek School Network is using it successfully with NuSOAP as well. Metro was chosen over Apache Axis and several other candidates.

For the Java WS framework there were several candidates like Apache Axis and JAX-RPC but we choose JAX-WS 2.1, both because of its elegant programming model and the fact that in the newly published Java EE 6 proposal JAX-RPC will be proposed for future deprecation.

And the NetBeans Web services wizard is found to be very useful as well:

Our development platform was NetBeans 5.5 which provided a powerful wizard that starting from the WSDL that NuSOAP published, created the necessary Java stub code for our operations.

A variety of screencasts showing develop/deploy/invoke cycle of Web services using Metro and NetBeans are available here.

Wednesday Jul 18, 2007

Metro and Fourth Microsoft Interop Plugfest

Ken, Mike, Jiandong, Harold at Plugfest

Metro, the Web services stack in GlassFish V2, participated in the fourth Microsoft Interoperability Plugfest. Read Harold's report for more details.

Metro is already interoperable with .NET 3.0 and Microsoft is working on .NET 3.5 framework. This plugfest participation was to ensure that there are no regressions when a Metro 1.0 client try to invoke a .NET 3.0 endpoint deployed using .NET 3.5 runtime and vice versa.

We have already done extensive testing between Metro 1.0 and .NET 3.0. The next version of Metro will align with the specifications used in .NET 3.5.

You may also want to read about our participation in first, second, and third plugfest.

Tuesday Jul 10, 2007

Free Online Forum - Sun/Microsoft Interop

Man sitting in front of Drive-In Theater

Next Tuesday, July 17th, there will be a Sun Expert Exchange on Sun - Microsoft Interoperability. Topics will cover our own Project Tango but also topics like running Windows on Sun servers, thin clients, and storage.

Expert Exchange events are free online sessions with a panel of experts. Sometimes there are also short video Net Talks. Transcriptions and slides of past events are available.

Thanks to Marina for the tip.

Wednesday Jun 27, 2007

Fourth Interop Plugfest - Metro and .NET framework

Seattle from Kerry Park

Microsoft has announced a new Web Services Interoperability Plugfest, and Sun will participate using Project Tango, a key component of Metro - the Web services stack in GlassFish V2. Project Tango's focus is interoperability with .NET 3.0 and that will be unchanged until GlassFish V2 is released later this year. This plugfest will give us an opportunity for regression testing with Microsoft's upcoming .NET 3.5 framework as well. Relationship building will continue to be a key part of this visit.

The interop scenarios from the plugfest are run regularly and the results with Tango Milestone 5 (integrated in GlassFish V2 b50) demonstrate that.

Saturday Mar 10, 2007

WSIT (nee Project Tango) Milestone 3 is Now Available

The WSIT group in the GlassFish community recently released Milestone 3 of WSIT (nee Tango). WSIT builds on the core JAX-WS RI implementation and you can Download and Install them manually, but you can also wait until Monday for GF v2 beta, which will include these technologies directly. Relevant blogs from the team include:

Duke Tangoing

•  Harold provides the Announcement.
•  Fabian with an overview of WS-Policy.
•  Marek on WS-Policy: what is it? and how does it work?.
•  Harsha covers WS-Trust, including samples.
•  Ashutosh summarizes the many changes in WS-Security
•  Venu focuses on the Performance Improvements in Security.
•  Mike covers Reliable Messaging.

Wednesday Feb 21, 2007

GlassFish and Vista Interoperability

Duke Tango

Rima and Arun both have recently published nice overview blogs on how to do Web Services Interoperability between GlassFish and Vista (MS home, Wikipedia) using the WSIT technologies.

These technologies are developed in the GlassFish community and build on the new WebServices stack. The stack is included in GlassFish v2 although it can be used (with some limitations) in other containers.

Rima's blog starts by describing exactly what versions to download, then she provides simple Java and C# programs that do simple interoperability; check her blog. Arun's blog follows a similar approach, except that he has been building up a series of Screencasts and blogs where he is trying to cover quite extensively all the functionality.

The next WSIT milestone should be out within the next couple of days; I know the WSIT team is working on a number of blogs covering all the the new functionality. We will report more then.

Added: WSIT M3 is out now; I'll put together a master index for the blogs in a future entry.

Monday Feb 19, 2007

Guidelines for Interoperable Web Services Contracts

Front Cover of The Elements of Style

The WSIT technologies (bundled in GlassFish and also available separately) support Web Services interoperation between the Java and the Windows Communication Framework.

The practical interoperability depends on the features and limitations of the platform-specific XML Schema data binding mechanisms and the new WSIT tutorial (PDF) provides specific guidelines for best practices. Check them out and provide feedback to Sekhar and the team.

Shown at left is the front cover of my favorite set of guidelines for english writers: The Elements of Style (aka Strunk and White). Easy to summarize 'Omit needless words', but very hard to follow.

Friday Feb 02, 2007

GlassFish WSIT Praised in SD TImes

SD TImes logo

The SD Times has a very complimentary article about the WSIT technologies (codenamed Project Tango) that are in GlassFish and provide interoperability with the Web Services features from Microsoft, including those in Microsoft's Vista. The article quotes from an interview with Nick

Thanks to the tips from Arun, Robin and Harold.

Tuesday Nov 21, 2006

WebServices Interoperability: GlassFish Participation at PRESTO

Presto Logo

Alexis has been working on Sun's submision to PRESTO, a Web Services interoperability profile defined by the French goverment. The submision was based on GlassFish v2 using the WSIT technology; an overview is here.

Overall, the effort is similar to the recent PlugFests we have been attending. Both Sun and Microsoft participated, as well as some additional projects. The effort was very succesful; check out Alexis' blog entry for plenty of details.

Monday Nov 20, 2006

All of Project Tango is now Open Source

Duke Tango

WS-TX is the last component from WSIT (nee ProjectTango) that has been released under Open Source into the GlassFish Community.

Like most of GlassFish, the WSIT repository can be browsed using FishEye. If you want to see the WS-TX changes do this: first go to the WSIT browser, then click on the changelog tab so you are here. Now the top-left graph is live; I knew the commit was not too long ago, so I looked for a big jump in the number of files and I clicked in that section of the graph. Browsing a bit around I found it.

Wednesday Oct 18, 2006

Web Services Comparison Matrix Updated with GlassFish Implementation

XML Duke

The Apache Wiki has a Web Services stack comparison table and Arun has updated it with information on the GlassFish implementation (thanks to Dims for the invitation). I have a biased perspective, but I believe our implementation is industry-leading and is just getting better. And this is without considering performance, where I expect us to excel: New WS in GF V2, Async Support.

Interoperability (Project Tango) is another strong feature in GlassFish and, coincidentally, The Server Side has an interview with Microsoft’s Jorgen Thelin talking about the Interop Plugfests. Arun just wrote about the interview in his blog, and so did Jorgen - and check this nice closeup of the interop scorecard.

For more information on our WS stack, check Arun's blog and look in earlier More TA entries.

Tuesday Oct 10, 2006

And Then There Were 4! (Liquid Technologies also Interoperates on Fast Infoset)

Liquid Technologies Logo

Liquid Technologies sells a flexible XML Data Binding tool (for C++, C# and VB) and earlier this year they added Support for the Fast Infoset Standard.

Paul has been encouraging interoperability testing among the different Fast Infoset implementations. He recently reported 3-way interoperability and now expands that to All 4 Production Implementations with the addition of Liquid Technologies.