Wednesday Sep 23, 2009

Community Equity: Facebook for Enterprise

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Hal Stern's latest Innovating@Sun podcast interview features Peter Reiser discussing Community Equity, a social value system that measures one's online social capital. This system has been successfully used internally for over a year and is now available for general use.

The Webspace team has also made an alpha integration available for GlassFish Webspace Server via its Update Center-based developer repository, enabling portal user social capital to be accurately measured (You may also remember the CommunityOne Webcast and presentation).

You can check out the spec, participate at the Kenai project site, or follow the project on Twitter.

Future works in progress include semantic integration with Kiwi, and an implementation of the Activity Streams spec (enabling deeper integration with Facebook, MySpace, StatusNet, and other social platforms).

Tuesday Sep 23, 2008

OpenESB Innovation Series - be heard, get informed!

OpenESB Innovation Series

All community members interested in technical discussion of new OpenESB features are invited to participate in the OpenESB Innovation Series meetings.

The first installment is this Wednesday (September 24, 2008) at 9am PT and features a presentation on Distributed OpenESB - adding a heterogenous option.

The meeting features presentations and peer reviews where community members present research, innovative new features, projects and prototypes.

These highly interactive peer reviews are complementary to webinars such as the GlassFish technical webinars. See you there!