Wednesday Mar 21, 2012

Java EE 7 interview @ InfoQ

Anil Gaur, the head of JavaEE and GlassFish at Oracle, was recently interviewed by InfoQ on the progress and scope of Java EE 7. Make sure you read this for an up-to-date status.


It turns out that the final release of Java EE 7 in now slated for late Q1, early Q2, 2013 with most specs expected t be at the Public Review stage by this summer.

In addition to the improvements to the JMS, JAX-RS, JPA and JSF specifications Anil also covers the new JSON and WebSockets JSRs and gives a complete overview of the Java EE platform at it is shaping up with PaaS as its main theme.

Wednesday Sep 28, 2011

InfoQ's recent cloud panel featuring William Vambenepe

InfoQ recently published a Virtual Panel on "SOA and Cloud Computing" with five participating subject matter experts. While the term SOA may sound a bit out of fashion these days, it appears that there is consensus about the fact that it can help well-designed business applications move to the cloud.


In particular, Oracle's William Vambenepe considers that moving to the cloud without identifying application components, dependencies and interactions would only "really just be a move towards virtualization". The panel also discusses wether Cloud Fatigue will follow SOA Fatigue and if that is a bad thing. "Does WS-* have a future in cloud/IT management automation?" is another interesting question.

If you're interested in cloud computing and not following William on his blog or twitter account, you probably should (the latter has significantly more volume, consider yourself warned!).

I have to say I like short bio's. William's is nice but so is this one.