Thursday Feb 28, 2008

New OpenSSO Extension - Information Card Relying Party Authentication Module

Patrick Petit

The latest addition to our growing line of OpenSSO Extensions is an authentication module for Information Cards - it enables OpenSSO as an Information Card Relying Party, allowing end users to authenticate via Windows CardSpace or other identity selectors such as DigitalMe or xmldap. This initial version of the authentication module was written and kindly contributed to OpenSSO by Patrick Petit (pictured) formerly of Sun, now an independent consultant; it also uses the xmldap relying party code, originally written by Chuck Mortimore, another Sun alumni - make of that what you will

The README has details of how to build and deploy the authentication module on OpenSSO build 2 or build 3. I tried it out this afternoon - I enabled OpenSSO for information cards in under an hour. Great work, Patrick!

Thursday Apr 19, 2007

Securing Site Access With CardSpace and OpenSSO: An Overview

CardSpace/OpenSSO Diagram

As I just reported over at Superpatterns, Martin Gee of ICSynergy (one of Sun's system integrator partners, focussing on identity management, federation and SOA) has written a great Sun Developer Network article on adding CardSpace authentication to OpenSSO. If you're interested in how CardSpace works, or how to extend OpenSSO to support new authentication mechanisms, head on over and take a look.