Saturday Oct 02, 2010

GlassFish Back on Growth Path

The downloads for GlassFish have not slowed down despite all the "distractions" around the acquisition by and the integration with Oracle but some other indicators, like jobs at, showed an impact from those events. It's taken a bit but I think we are finally getting back on track.

The roadmap's presentations in March helped some but I the real change seems to come from the Commitments by Oracle at JavaOne. Check out the trends graphs for GlassFish (live, cached). You can see the different key events in that graph:

  • Nothing really moves until when we released the first GlassFish v2
  • Next big event was the launch of GlassFish Portfolio in Feb '09, which generated a significant job growth.
  • Next was Apr '09, when Oracle Announces Intent to Acquire in Sun.
  • The interregnum followed, with the unknown future of GlassFish showing in the job market, until the Strategy Webcasts of late Jan '10.
  • The post-CIC growth continued until around late March/April '10 when a drop happened. Not sure what caused that - if you have a suggestion post it as a comment.
  • Finally, now it seems we are back on a growth, hopefully a sustained one. I'm interpreting this as the community, customers and users, finally believing that Oracle is committed to GlassFish.

The current number of openings is the highest I've seen (>750) although the graphs don't show that yet because the trends charts lag the jobs data by a month or two.