Saturday Sep 27, 2008

Jersey - Reference Implementation AND Production Ready

When we started GlassFish we used to hear "It's just a Reference Implementation!" so often that I wrote a note on that in June 2006. I think we have made progress since then but I just read Solomon's note on Evaluting JAX-RS Implementations and it has the same misconception, so, here is a reminder...


"A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away", Sun had a group (the "church") doing proof-of-concept References Implementations and Specifications, and another (the "state") doing the commercial products based on those specifications. But those days are long gone and we now have a single team building a single (Open Source) implementation.

A Reference Implementation is just an attribute (defined by the JCP), and so is Enteprise Quality (defined by the market), so it is quite possible for an implementation to be both. Like a movie that is in the Top 20 by Revenue and in the Top 20 by AFI... like Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

So, back to Solomon's questions ([1], [2]) - we are building Jersey to be both the Reference Implementation of JAX-RS and the component we will use in GF and several other artifacts. So, go use Jersey, and May the force be with you!

Monday Mar 05, 2007

... GlassFish Doesn't Count ...

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A recent thread at TSS discussed that BEA had certified WLS 10 Technology Preview against the Java EE 5 CTS. That's great news for platform adoption but I'll admit I was unhappy when I read a comment in that same thread that said:

GlassFish doesn't count since the public opinion is to avoid using Sun software except for the JDK...

I find the comment specially grating as BEA is Using GlassFish's Java EE 5 WS Stack in WLS 10. And Sun is using it in Sun's JDK6! And there are more adopters; a non-exhaustive list for JAX-WS includes BEA, Tmax Soft's JEUS 6, Sun's JDK, and more (adoption). The list for JAXB is longer, also including JBoss, Geronimo, Celtix, XFire... (adoption)

I believe GlassFish's Web Services layer is the best in the market; but obviously we need to (continue to?) improve our communication story :-(

Oh well; we will get there eventually - all the annecdotal indicators I see point to strong adoption.

Tuesday Jun 13, 2006

Reference Implementations and Production Implementations

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Too many people still believe that a JCP Reference Implementation is always just a "Proof of Concept". Although some are, there are many that are fully production-quality, and, in particular, the Reference Implementation for Java EE has been production quality at least since SJS AS 8.x, so please help us spread the word.

I wrote a blog at Java.Net expanding on the relationship between Reference Implementations and Production Implementations. You may also want to check out our earlier 20 Things You Should Know about Project GlassFish.