Wednesday Jun 06, 2007 is open for business banner

Sun announced its support for OpenID a few weeks back at JavaOne and even published a Non-Assertion Covenant.

Today, the OpenID Service from Sun (a complete OpenID 1.1 identity provider) is now open for business and while it is for Sun employees only (34,000 of them), it's built using GlassFish sister projects OpenSSO and OpenDS which both now include OpenID extensions and which we encourage you to use to setup a similar service.

The goal is to take OpenID to the next level (beyond blog comments) and specifically apply it to the enterprise as implied here. Look for further developer support in the upcoming releases of the Sun Web Developer Pack and for the 34,000 of us on the blogosphere...

Friday Oct 20, 2006

SAML 2.0 in PHP

Over at Superpatterns, I've just announced the first drop of my SAML 2.0 PHP service provider code. There is more detail at that link, particularly in the linked docs, but, briefly, this is a collection of PHP scripts that SAML 2.0 enable a service provider, 'outsourcing' user authentication to an identity provider. This is very much 'proof-of-concept' code - contributions are welcomed, particularly from PHPers!

Blog Claiming with OpenId on Technorati

Via TheGalaxy, Technorati recently announced that bloggers will now be able to claim ownership of their blogs with OpenID credentials. The use of openID claims to be much easier than the number of different ways to verify authorship that have been long supported by Technorati. Check out the Technorati announcement and a related blog by Marshall Kirkpatrick.