Friday Oct 30, 2009

ColdFusion Supported on GlassFish, and Other Sightings

ColdFusion (wikipedia, product) was first released in '95 by Allaire which was later bought by Macromedia in '01 and merged into Adobe in '05. CF was rewritten into Java a while ago, interacts nicely with JavaEE and with Adobe's products and is still quite popular.

When we got serious about GlassFish several of us drove down to San Jose to talk with Adobe. Adding a new supported platform is non-trivial for a large vendor; the question is not "does it run?" part but "is it worth setting up my testing and support team?"... which boils down to, "do I see enough traction in my customers?". So, I'm very pleased to point to: ColdFusion 9 supports ... and Sun™ GlassFish.

Happy! And Wednesday's news should just help further.

Adding a few other recent GlassFish sightings...

Also, check out: Sun's Technology powers Verizon Developer Community.  We really need to get back to posting adoption stories - there have been quite a number of great ones in the last few months.

Thursday Oct 15, 2009

IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition


IntelliJ IDEA is now available in two editions. The Community Edition (JavaSE-focused) is now Available under OpenSource at, while the Ultimate Edition is JavaEE-focused (Supports GlassFish) remains for-fee. See this detailed comparison chart.

Too many variables going on right now to guess how important this development will be for IDEs, but competition is (almost always) better for consumers.

Saturday Dec 08, 2007

First Impression on GlassFish + IDEA 7: Wow!

Map of the Internet

Heard at Design Decisions:'s been approximately 3 years since I deployed my last J2EE app on Resin 2.1.x and they have just come due for upgrading. So the quest has been on to find an application server to replace Resin 2.1.x.

I've only tried one. Glassfish. I downloaded it yesterday minutes after 8PM and installed it at around the same time. My first impression can be summed up in one word, Wow!

Tuesday Oct 03, 2006

GlassFish and Tools - Visual Pack, NetBeans, IDEA, Hudson, YourKit

JetBrains Logo

Multiple news about GlassFish and Tools. First, we have a new tool supporting GlassFish: IDEA joins NetBeans and MyEclipse; check this TSS thread and the New Features.

On the NetBeans front, Tor reports on the Build Monitor Plug-in that includes Hudson Support. Then a bunch of bloggers (Roman, Alexis, Ruth) talk about the upcoming Visual Pack for NetBeans, which will make the visual editing features in JavaStudio Creator available in NetBeans... and available to GlassFish.

Finally, YourKit, the profiler tool, has improved support for GlassFish within NetBeans.