Thursday Dec 15, 2011

Serli does it again! GlassFish VMWare Plugin

You may remember Serli as the company that contributed application versioning to GlassFish 3.1. This time around, their engineers (mainly Fabien Leroy) are at it again with their latest contribution: a VMware plugin for the upcoming GlassFish virtualization feature in addition to the OVM, VirtualBox and KVM plugins that the GlassFish team has been developing.

Virtual clustering in GlassFish 4 : focus on the VMware plugin

On this recent Serli Team blog entry, Fabien discusses the PaaS and dynamic provisioning objectives of the upcoming GlassFish 4.0 and in particular the underlying IaaS Management Service and how it deals with pools of (virtualized) servers. This is where virtualization plugins and their templates come into the picture.

Serli's VMWare plugin targets VMware ESX and ESXi machines and a video linked from the blog entry is available to see it in action.

Wednesday Jan 19, 2011

Amazon moves into PaaS with Elastic Beanstalk, Java as 1st class citizen


Amazon's EC2 and its sister S3 service have been indisputable leaders in IaaS for a long while now and GlassFish and more generally J2EE/JavaEE took advantage of it starting in 2008 (see here and here), with documented how-to's and significant production references.

Just yesterday, AWS's Evangelist Jeff Barr announced AWS Elastic Beanstalk (main page) which reads to me like Amazon's entry into the PaaS space (with Java!). This new service supports deployment of WAR-packaged Java applications to an infrastructure composed of a Container+Server (Tomcat on EC2) and a load-balancer with Auto Scaling and Notifications features. What seems less clear is the multi-tenancy story, if anything special is done for databases and JDBC connections but also whether containers can form a cluster to offer session high availability (HA).

It's great to see the Java platform as the primary (and for the time being only) target for such a service. Let's hope that support for the full Java EE 6 platform isn't too far out!

Exciting times ahead, the fun is only just starting, stay tuned!

Sunday Feb 01, 2009

Your Data Center is Your (Cloud) Computer

Doug (Division VP) and Lew (CTO) have started fleshing out Sun's Cloud story.


Lew has given several interviews; check @Overcast (podcast available) and @IW. From the latter:

We see a future where there are a bunch of clouds, both public and private clouds, and companies will be able to build scalable apps that are self-provisioning.

From Dave, you can check out his Chalk Talk and listen to his BlogTalk Radio.

The Cloud terminology seems to be settling into SAAS, PAAS and IAAS; see [1], [2], [3] and [4]. I expect continued diversity in the technologies used but Sun's software portfolio - including Q-layer - seems well suited to several markets, including private enterprise clouds.

Thanks to Vijay for the initial tips on the terminology posts.