Monday May 04, 2009

SpringSource Acquires Hyperic - Life is (Even) More Interesting...


SpringSource just announced it is Acquiring Hyperic. Although this is not really a big surprise given their previous OEM arrangement (and VC funding?), this is an significant development in the Enterprise Open Source space. Life is going to be more interesting...

Obviously, I have no idea how Oracle will react to this, but I would love to know :-).

Thanks to Matt for the Tip. I will link here to other interesting comments as they appear:

Sanjiva @ WSO2
Zach @ InfoWorld

Saturday May 24, 2008

GlassFish Management and Monitoring in Hyperic HQ


Hyperic is one of Sun's Partners for GlassFish through their Hyperic HQ product. The GlassFish Server-specific features are Described here.

Hyperic is a long-time MySQL partner; welcome to the GlassFish party!

One of the proposals for TheAquarium TV is for a series showcasing GlassFish Partners; add your own ideas to my proposal on