Thursday Aug 26, 2010

Check these Hudson Trends from Indeed.Com!

Shortly after I posted about Hudson Adoption and CloudBees this morning, Kohsuke used Indeed to compare job trends for several CI tools. Specifically he compared "X Engineer Jobs" for Hudson, Cruise Control, Bamboo and TeamCity.

See the results for yourself: live query and cached result from a few minutes ago. Thanks to KK for the tweet.

Saturday Nov 21, 2009

Waiting for Godot, Migrating to JavaEE 6, and Other Highlights from Nov 21th, 2009


Today is Nov 21th, 2009.

News shorts of interest to our communities, including:
New date for EU review of Oracle/Sun acquisition, getting closer to v3 fcs, new OpenESB and OpenDS releases, Devoxx whiteboards, new customers and japanese event, and more.

Waiting for Godot
I read Waiting for Godot for HS, but I didn't expect to live it...

On the Road to GlassFish v3
We are getting very close. The buzz around JavaEE 6 and GFv3 at #devoxx was very positive; some more links:

New Releases
Final and Release Candidates releases:

More Devoxx
Devoxx is over.  By all accounts, a successful show.

GlassFish Customers and Events
New customers; new events

Other News

Monday Aug 03, 2009

Hudson Adoption and CI and ALM News


July is usually a slow month but instead was a record month for USERS@Hudson. Part of this is Hudson, part of this is that the whole space of CI and ALM seems to be growing.

Below are some recent additional links in this area, biased towards Hudson. Sun just released a commercial support for Hudson (within the GF WebStack) - I'll do a longer post tomorrow.

• From Sonatype, work on a Maven+Nexus+Hudson Image for EC2; Also looking for 3 FTE for Hudson.
• From the Sonar folks, a Plugin for Hudson; see John's note and the link at Sonar's Support Page.
• IBM products on Measured Capability Improvement Framework (!) and Cloud Computing for Developers.
CollabNet's ALM product, TeamForge, uses Hudson. See Features and Agile Support.
Atlassian seems interested in Software as Service.
• Oracle has some ALM Products (@Oracle, @eWeek). I'm sure we will learn more about them :-)
• New Hudson articles: Intro@SolitaryGeek and at DevX.

Added - Hudson is mentioned very positively in Andrew Binstock's SDTimes article: Integration Watch: The quickly changing market for continuous integration . Also check Julian Simpson's Commentary and Analysis on the same topic.

Tuesday Jun 30, 2009

Hudson Growth - Plugins, Jobs, Eclipse

Hudson continues to show very nice growth; This post reports on three different indicators.


Seiji Sogabe recently did an analysis of the addition of new Hudson plugins, and the pace is accelerating: there were 55 new plugins in 2008, while half-way through 2009 we already are up to 44. Seiji represented this new created a chart to show this graphically in a chart, also shown to the left. See Kohsuke's post for an english version of Seiji's note.


The number of job offerings at where Hudson is listed is also growing. Unfortunately, "Hudson" is too common a term to search on it, so I approximated the growth trend by adding "Continuous" and "Integration"; the result is here. As a reference, I compared the growth with CruiseControl, using relative and absolute metrics. The results (absolute and relative) shows that CruiseControl has flattened while Hudson is growing.

Counting the actual number of jobs is harder, but an approximation suggests that CruiseControl still has more entries than Hudson, but not by much - see trend comparison, CC jobs (121) and Hudson jobs (97).


Finally, Kohsuke also reports on Adoption at Eclipse, where Hudson was the #1 CI tool, ahead of CruiseControl and Bamboo.

More Adoption indicators tagged Hudson+Adoption

Sunday May 03, 2009

A Hudson Release Milestone and New CLI with Groovy Support


Two weeks ago Hudson reached release 1.300 (yep, three hundred releases, and the latest is already 1.303!) and Kohsuke wrote a short Commemoration Post summarizing some of the accomplishments. By all metrics the project is doing very well: I'll argue that Hudson is now the leading CI tool, the traffic on USERS@Hudson is over 1200/month and the project is very well grounded in the community with over 140 committers.

As adoption continues to grow, Kohsuke is adjusting the community releases to increase stability and we are working to deliver supported releases and other features from Sun soon. And, all along, the number of plugins and features will continue to grow, including a new CLI features that can be used to Provide a Groovy Shell.

So, here is a toast to Kohsuke's baby, may it Live Long and Prosper, may it continue to grow and reach many more releases and users. And we hope to see you all at the UnConference, and at CommunityOne and JavaOne

Wednesday Mar 25, 2009

Hudson, Bazaar, Drizzle and OpenGrok - And OSS Software Adoption Inside a Corporation


What is the connection between OpenGrok, Drizzle and Bazaar? Hudson, the Continuous Integration system. Check out Jorgen's writeup describing his Presentation on using Hudson with OpenGrok, and Trond's note on Bazaar Plugin, used with Drizzle Builds.

Another connection is that Trond and Jorgen work in Sun's DataBase group in Trondheim, and you might think that is how they discovered Hudson, except that in a large, distributed, company, Open Source products often get adopted without any direct internal communication. Actually, in an internal recent presentation on Drizzle Brian was telling me about this great CI tool called Hudson! :-)

Monday Feb 02, 2009

Continuous Integration - Needs and Solutions, a Report from Fontys University


Georg Fleischer at Fontys University has published a Report on the Continuous Integration. The 34-page report discusses the needs from users and how different products address them and provides good material for both users and tool authors.

In total 12 products are discussed, including all the usual candidates. The methodology seems reasonable, although a bit Europe-heavy. Hudson comes up very well in the comparisons and it is #2 in adoption, close behind the much older CruiseControl project.

Added - Also check Kohsuke's post on this topic, which includes a pointer to the CruiseControl downloads at Source Forge (live, snapsthot) that can be compared against Hudson's.

Wednesday Jan 21, 2009

First Hudson Usage Survey


Kohsuke has published the first Hudson Usage Report. Plenty of good material there; some highlights...

• Number of Hudson instances - 13K (anybody has any data for other CIs?)
• % of Hudson's with a single machine - 87%
• Most popular plugins - findbugs, warnings, checkstyle
• JVM used - 65% JDK6, 32% JDK5
• Top OS used - Windows, Linux, Solaris

We want to learn more about the current use of Hudson to plan the future roadmap; this automated survey is just one of several ways to collect this information.

Friday Dec 12, 2008

Uncle Bob and Other Hudson Fans


Uncle Bob is one of the grand names in Agile Development... and he is also now a Hudson fan -see the comments and his Screencast (thanks to Eric for the tip).

Another fan is James Governor (from RedMonk); check his addendum on Hudson at the end of his Advice to Sun; he also reports that Dan @ Adobe is another fan.

And still more fans... check this Snapshot of a Whiteboard taken by Alexis earlier this week - Hudson is the #1 choice. Nice!

Are you a fan too? If so, vote for Hudson at the SOA Readers' Choice - as of right now Rational Functional Tester is #1 (see here for some background to how this happened).

Friday Nov 28, 2008

What Should Sun Do with GlassFish...


I think Tim's was the First Post with (free) advice on the direction that Sun should take, but many others have followed since; enough that Dave decided to track them via a Delicious Tag.

No consensus in the recommendations but quite a few mention GlassFish (most on the positive, but some negative, but the spelling is right) - and James Governor even makes an special mention of Hudson.

In general, GlassFish seems to have benefit quite a bit from extra attention (and the global financial squeeze) in the last few weeks; check out the google search trend: snapshot, live.

Interesting times indeed! (regardless of whether that is a Chinese Curse).

Saturday Oct 04, 2008

Hudson Roundup - Polls, Awards, Comparisons, Ruby, Grails and C++, Sonar, JBoss Portal, Courses

My last Hudson roundup was back in May (hudson+adoption). Adoption continues to be very strong, and there are plenty of interesting links, although I didn't try to catch up with all the backlog.

Hudson Logo

• The GlassFish Awards Program results were Announced at Sao Paolo with many Hudson winners. Details on the program will be at the GAP blog and we will recap here

• Results on two Polls: Top three sots at the ongoing Wakaleo Consulting poll are Hudson (166), Continuum (82), CruiseControl (87), while the Best Automation Tool results at WSJ SOA Reader's Choice poll are Hudson (264), Oracle's SOA Management Pack (152), IBM's Rational Functional Tester (149).

• Product comparisons include Chris Read, Peter Franza, and Java Papo (really book review). Hudson looks very good in all of them.

• New integrations include Integration with Sonar (the Quality Control Tool), and Integration with Windmill (the Testing Framework)

• Two posts by Schenide describing integration with non-Java environments: C++, CMake and CUnit and Grails.

• Several JBoss folks seem to be adopting Hudson (at least one being a GAP winner!), and the JBoss Portal folks describe a plugin that provides integration with SmartFrog. I could not find the plugin though, send me a pointer if you know where it is.

And reports on two recent presentations: a CI Camp near Munich and TAE Boston 2008

Monday May 19, 2008

Hudson Roundup - Gant, JavaOne, iPhones, Maven Overlays, and more...

It's been a while since my last Hudson Adoption roundup, so this is longer than usual:

Guinness Poster

• Notes from JavaOne - Duke Award, Rama, Kohsuke, TS, Audience
• New Plugins - Crap4J, Ivy (full list; Tutorial, Part 6)
• Presentations - No Fluff just Stuff, Ireland CI (June 10th).
• Comparisons - W/ CruiseControl
• Adoption in France - Overview, Developpez, Valtech, Xebia, Octo
• Kind Words: Geir, Why Aren't You?
• Doing More w/ Hudson - Gant, Multiple Grails?, Maven Overlays
• Adoption in Scandinavia - Sweden (.NET projects), Finland

Monday Apr 07, 2008

Unexpected Benefits of Open Source - CVS to SVN Conversion...

Photo of an Open Source Beer

This made me smile: Hudson got a free CVS to SVN conversion from CollabNet because they were using it themselves! I think that's quite nice from CollabNet.

Check out Kohsuke's note for the mail thread and details.

Friday Mar 21, 2008

Hudson is Numero Uno -- And Other Adoption Roundup

Hudson was an easy "NĂºmero Uno" in a recent CI Poll. The top three vote getters were:

Web 2.0 Logo with 'Numero Uno'

• Hudson - 78
• Continuum - 55
• CruiseControl - 31

Totally unscientific, but still the gap is large enough to suggest large adoption. Anecdotally, I keep bumping into Hudson use at Sun (and MySQL) customers. And the download numbers keep growing.

Some more News and Adoption Roundup:

• Progress with I18N
• Hudson destined to Distros: FreeBSD and OpenSUSE and OpenSolaris
• More Projects Using Hudson - GlassFish SailFin, Apache Jackrabbit
• A System Tray for Hudson
Voice Control with Hudson and Using Variables to Identify Builds
• Kind Words - Nice!, Awesome!, Groovy!
• Writing a Plug-In, a multi-part series: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6-tbd] and [7-tbd]