Friday Nov 04, 2011

Tab Sweep - Jersey, Hudson, GlassFish Hosting, GC's compared, Spring to JavaEE, Modularity, ...

Recent Tips and News on Java, Java EE 6, GlassFish & more :

Radio Receiver

Jersey 1.10 released (Jakub)
The Hudson Book (
Comparing Java 7 Garbage Collectors Under Extreme Load (Nerds Central)
GlassFish Hosting (Enciva)
Spring to Java EE Migration, Part 1 (OTN)
ASM 4.0 released (OW2)
Adopt A JSR! (The Java Source)
Early signs of EJB 3.2 (GlassFish source)
Practical challenges of profiler integration with Java/J2EE applications (TheServerSide)
LOGBack 1.0 (
55 New Things in Java 7 (DonaldOJDK Blog)
Java 8 and OSGi modularization (Neil and Tim)

Sunday Nov 14, 2010

GlassFish Tips and Links #14: InfraDNA and CloudBees, JSF Composites, Embedded GlassFish, JProfiler, JQuery and XMPP...

Recent Tips and News on Java EE 6 & GlassFish:

Informational Sign


TOTD #147: Java Server Faces 2.0 Composite Components using NetBeans - DRY your code (Arun)
TOTD #148: JPA2 Metamodel Classes in NetBeans 7.0 - Writing type-safe Criteria API (Arun)
Step by Step tutorial to create a JAX-WS with Eclipse, CXF and Glassfish V3 (Ahmed Al-Moayed)
Profiling GlassFish 3 with JProfiler : Shing Wai Chan's Weblog (Shing Wai Chan)
Using JQuery, XMPP and Atmosphere to cluster your WebSocket/Comet application (JFA)
Unit testing services, part 2 – Embedded Glassfish (Ivan St. Ivanov)

French Posts on GlassFish

ArKZoYd has a whole collection of posts in French on GlassFish; see

Mes blogs classés par thèmes
• All posts Tagged as GlassFish, and
Installer Glassfish 3.0.1 en mode silencieux, as an example.

Trip Reports

OTN Developer Days 2010, New York City Trip Report (Arun)
Oredev 2010 Trip Report (Arun)
JFall 2010 - Yet another great Java conference (Alexis)

Hudson News

Lusis: Using Hudson and RVM for Ruby unit testing
Hudson / JRuby integration preliminary report
InfraDNA and CloudBees joining forces: KK's post, CloudBees post, JAXEnter, PR.
  • The new offering is called Nectar

Other Related News

NetBeans 7.0 M2 and Maven 3 - Better than M2Eclipse? (Gunther Popp)
An Introduction to OpenFaces
SunSolve is Moving

Thursday Sep 09, 2010

Friday Tips #7: YourKit Profiler, Improvements in Metro, Scala and JSF, Chameleons...

Here are some tips that have been recently published on Java EE 6 & GlassFish:

Informational Sign

• YourKit Java Profiler (Overview) 9.0 Released with Support for GlassFish 3
• YourKit Java Profiler 9.5 Early Access Program
Security Token Service and Identity Delegation with Metro
JAX-WS RI web services deployment made simplified
New Asynchronous Servlet Transport in JAX-WS RI
wsimport -clientjar option to ease the client-side web service programming
Scala, JSF 2, and NetBeans
JSF 2.0 hello world example
Chameleon GlassFish (X-Powered-By: and Server:)
• StackOverflow - Q&As for GlassFish and Hudson
Recent label and matrix project improvement (for Hudson)

Let us know if you have seen or published a detailed tip like shown above and we'll be happy to share them.

Monday Sep 06, 2010

Lady Java, Sparky, Duke... and the Butler at JavaZone 2010

This week is JavaZone, the conference organized in Oslo by JavaBin.  Alexis presented on GlassFish there in 2007 (video) and this year's conference seems will be the best so far, both for its technical program and the fun activities.

Starting with the fun part, check out these two, very professional looking, videos:

Video #1: is the Java 4 Ever trailer.

The cast for the video includes Williams Windows, Scala Johansson, Eddie Larrison and LennyLinux.  The video reminds me of the early JavaOne videos, specially that confessional about the impure thoughts - anybody has a link to a copy online?

Video #2 is a LadyJava Music Video.

The title character is performed by Jenny Skavlan (no.Wikipedia and en). It looks like most of the rest of the cast were volunteers; see invitation to recording. The music video is already available at YouTube - where it has already collected more than 260K views!

This one does not remind me of any JavaOne videos :-)  Check it out and you will see..

On the technical side, the Program Catalog includes sessions representing many of our friends & relatives, including:

As usual with these conferences, there are other events aligning with it, including a Hudson Meetup and a ForgeRock party where Alexis will present about GlassFish.

Post conferences reports, and get ready for JavaOne - it is just around the corner.

Thursday Aug 26, 2010

Check these Hudson Trends from Indeed.Com!

Shortly after I posted about Hudson Adoption and CloudBees this morning, Kohsuke used Indeed to compare job trends for several CI tools. Specifically he compared "X Engineer Jobs" for Hudson, Cruise Control, Bamboo and TeamCity.

See the results for yourself: live query and cached result from a few minutes ago. Thanks to KK for the tweet.

More Hudson Adoption - CloudBees Provides HAAS

The adoption of Hudson continues in many (or should I say all?) fronts.  At some point it seemed to be mostly just Sun, but now it is Oracle and a whole cast of other companies and groups.

Today's addition to these movement is CloudBees a startup whose team includes a bunch of old friends, including Sacha, VivekP and BobB. As Bob and Sacha explain, CloudBees comes with two services DEV@cloud (SAAS for developers) and RUN@cloud (PAAS for production).  The first piece - today's announcement - is about DEV@cloud, which is all around HaaS - Hudson As A Service. Very nice!

Welcome aboard, CloudBees - you can follow them at @CloudBees. Added And here is KK's welcome.

Hudson momentum is strong and wide.  And does not show any significant negative impact from the Oracle acquisition of Sun, nor from Kohsuke's departure to his own start-up.  If anything, the wider number of participants has energized the community (see Hudson-Labs) and seems to have solidified the role of Hudson as the leading CI product.  Doing a quick recap...

Andrew just wrote a note reporting on the (anonymous) data collected from Hudson via the Update Center (you can opt-out, see his post).  The result shows a growing number of connected installations (~23K, see image at left), plus whatever is behind firewalls.

Coincidentally, John has started a new (2010) poll on Build and CI tools, and Hudson currently shows >65% (although this is a self-selected poll, which has methodological issues, it is hard to argue with 65%).

There are many other signs of increased adoption.  Some of the non-Oracle companies are MikeCI, CollabNet (here and here), Sonatype (here), and JFrog (here).  Hudson is also strong at Oracle - its internal use has continued to grow both at "Sun legacy" and at "Oracle classic", and Winston Prakash very recently joined the Hudson@Oracle team and has already started contributing as part of the Development Tool Offering at Oracle.

And Kohsuke continues to be fully engaged, now with his InfraDNA hat, where he was recently joined by Kedar.

As Sacha signs off... Onward!

PS - Add comments with links to other companies I missed and I'll rev the post.  Now, or whenever you move out of stealth mode...

Monday Feb 08, 2010

Hudson News - Oracle, New Blog, Twitter Feed, Windows Installer

Catching up on Hudson news in the last couple of weeks:

The most important change is that on Jan 27th, during the Strategy Presentations around the completion of Change in Control of the acquisition of Sun, Thomas Kurian indicated that Oracle was going to continue supporting Hudson as an Open Source project, to be integrated into Oracle's offerings (other CiC news in the Summary Post).

As part of the CiC, Kohsuke is now in the Developer Tools group, under Ted Farrell, which provides continuity for the current arrangement: although Kohsuke will no longer report to me, he will work full-time on Hudson with a large number of other committers into the project.

In other news:


• Kohsuke has made available a MSI Installer for Hudson on Windows (download).
Tyler has started the new official Hudson Blog.
• Follow Hudson News via Twitter at @hudsonci.
• We will continue to track key Hudson news at TA and @glassfish.

Wednesday Jan 27, 2010

Additional WebCasts and FAQ From Oracle on Products and Community

Today was the Oracle Sun Strategy live webcast hosted by Charles Philips, John Fowler, Thomas Kurian, Edward Screven and others that ended with a Q&A with Larry Ellison. The recording is not yet available but Oracle released a number of other useful webcasts and docs today.


The Oracle + Sun Product Strategy Webcast Series has short (15-20') webcasts with more detailed information on most topics - e.g. App Server, Dev Tools, Manager/OpsCenter, Java, Cloud, Virtualization, OS, OpenOffice, etc.

The FAQ on Community Continuity that includes Java.Net, Java.Sun.Com, JavaOne, and more.

There is also a series of events around the world in a Welcome Sun Event Series.

Saturday Nov 21, 2009

Waiting for Godot, Migrating to JavaEE 6, and Other Highlights from Nov 21th, 2009


Today is Nov 21th, 2009.

News shorts of interest to our communities, including:
New date for EU review of Oracle/Sun acquisition, getting closer to v3 fcs, new OpenESB and OpenDS releases, Devoxx whiteboards, new customers and japanese event, and more.

Waiting for Godot
I read Waiting for Godot for HS, but I didn't expect to live it...

On the Road to GlassFish v3
We are getting very close. The buzz around JavaEE 6 and GFv3 at #devoxx was very positive; some more links:

New Releases
Final and Release Candidates releases:

More Devoxx
Devoxx is over.  By all accounts, a successful show.

GlassFish Customers and Events
New customers; new events

Other News

Thursday Nov 19, 2009

Java Closures at Devoxx and Other Highlights from Nov 19th, 2009


A summary of today's news of interest to our communities.

Today is Nov 19th, 2009. One more day to go at Devoxx, some Terracotta news and more GlassFish Events. The Java EE 6 specs are in voting right now, and we are still awaiting Godot.

Note - this is an experiment to flush out the daily news that otherwise we can't cover due to limited time. Let us know how the format works for you.

Terracotta News

Bumped into Alex Miller's blog and it has several posts worth mentioning:

Devoxx Updates

New GlassFish Events

Tuesday Nov 17, 2009

Hudson Growth - Community and Product

The adoption of Hudson continues to grow and we are also beginning to see movement in Sun's commercial offering.

Kohsuke's Hudson Feed has many examples of adoption. The community is very active and recent posts include A Campfire Plugin and a CMake Plugin, a spanish Tutorial on SVN and Hudson and Using Hudson with Rational Team Concert (from the official IBM site!). Two posts with nice, quotable compliments are:

• From Grant Smith's Creating a Continuous Integration Server for Java Projects Using Hudson at Wazi: our conclusion - based on a combination of first-hand experience and other people's opinions - is that Hudson is the current front-runner among open source CI engines.

• From Joe Heck: Hudson - A lot of things done right: check out Hudson. It's a quick check - one download, one command-line, and you are rolling.

Three examples on the commercial side, all from today:

• We closed another customer for Sun's Hudson Support; nice! Just let us know if you have any questions.

• We also got email from one of Sun's Principal Field Engineers. He is overseas visiting a (very) large customer where he found wide use of Hudson and strong interest in improved support. We not even knew this company was using Hudson - strike another win for Open Source!

• And, our friends at Sun's Inner Circle - Sun's newsletter for CIOs - included an article on Hudson in the Nov/Dec issue.

Thursday Nov 12, 2009

Site Migrations: NetBeans, OpenSolaris.Org, Hudson

Migration time! OpenSolaris, NetBeans and Hudson have moved (part of) their infrastructure.

The OpenSolaris Website Community migrated from an ad-hoc web app to XWiki on October 26th, 2009 completing phase 2 of the transition. Check the Transition FAQ for more details. This move had been in the planning for a long time and is still unfolding.

The NetBeans site moved the week of Nov 2dn to a new site, see the Announcement and the FAQ. The new NB site uses the Kenai infrastructure but is its own instance, separate from that of I believe this move has completed.

The last (ongoing) move is for Hudson. Most of Hudson was at Java.Net but some parts were not - like the confluence-based wiki. After the availability problems from a couple of months ago, Kohsuke and the community decided to move the bulk to Kenai. That move is still ongoing but some key sections, like the front-page, have already moved.

In all cases, these moves are intended to be (mostly) transparent to the users (hopefully with improved QoS).