Tuesday Sep 28, 2010

2 Million Requests/Day on GlassFish and Other JavaOne Stories

The official JavaOne messages are the Press Releases and GlassFish shows up in a couple from Oracle: Open Source Community and Java Platform but I wanted to highlight some other interesting stories that came up this week.


The afternoon started with the Community Event/BOF/Unconference, and, IMVHO, attendance totally rocked: it was SRO and people stayed for 2 hours.  Many folks in production with GlassFish 2 and with GlassFish 3.  Plenty of energy, we presented an updated roadmap (I'll let you know when slides are available), discussed how to move past Java EE 6 and virtualization and cloud requirements, and showed demos from GlassFishVideos and from Johan's RedFX.

No GlassFish during Larry's Sunday keynote on the Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, but the progression/funnel GlassFish -> WebLogic Server/Application Grid -> Exalogic is one of the many ways in which Oracle benefits from GlassFish.

The evening ended with our GlassFish party; we didn't have the Black Eyed Peas, but everybody had a great time.  During the party we made some progress on few topics and started some others.  Two areas I can point to are:

JRuby - tweet and forum post


Hub City - tweet and web site

More on these (and others) in the future.


Plenty of references to GlassFish in the Monday Keynote.

It was very gratifying, from Thomas Kurian's mentions, to Mike Lehmann's demo and t-shirt, and BioWare use of GlassFish. See our Earlier Report for more details.


Tuesday was the formal BOF with the GlassFish Product Managers (AdamL and JohnC).  Good bi-directional Q&A.  At the end I handed out GlassFish Community Posters (20'x30') as treats to get people to tell us stories about GlassFish.  Probably the most interesting testimonial was

ESPN - they run pretty much all of ESPN.com on 30-40 instances of GlassFish, including the major league baseball, and march madness. They can easily get 1 to 2 M requests a day on a single GlassFish.

Needless to say, their architect got a poster.  Ah! we also handed out the GlassFish 5th anniversary shirts; I was left only with XL and S, which disappeared back in SCA 22 on Friday.

And More?

I'm sure I missed some stories; post as comments and I'll update this entry.  And when the incipient leads convert into real stories, I'll report on them.

All-in-all, a solid JavaOne for GlassFish; I hope it will help convince people that Oracle is really committed to GlassFish... because it makes business sense for Oracle to do so.