Monday Jul 08, 2013

Free Webinar on WebSocket, JSON-P, HTML 5 and Java EE 7

As developers, there's nothing better than a decent show-and-tell. OLL-Live is offering a free webinar titled Java EE 7: Using Web Sockets for Real-Time Communication on July 10 (Wednesday) at 8 AM Pacific Time. It will demonstrate writing an HTML 5 front end using a WebSocket, JSON-P, and Java EE 7 backend.

Don't miss out, check out the details and register now! I did mention it's free, right :-)?

Friday Dec 21, 2012

John Ceccarelli on NetBeans

The 113th episode of the Java Spotlight podcast features an interview with NetBeans head of engineering John Ceccarelli. John talks with Roger Brinkley about the recent developments in NetBeans - specifically NetBeans support for JavaScript/HTML 5 development via Project Easel. John discusses the HTML 5 landscape, Java EE 7, project Nashorn, project Avatar and the like.

The podcast also covers JavaFX, Java SE 7/8, Java Embedded and Java EE 7, including the recent published survey results! You can listen to the full podcast here.

Saturday Jul 12, 2008

Do You Want it? - Generic HTML Designer in NetBeans


Winston is asking for feedback on his proposal for a Generic Web Page Designer for NetBeans. The basic principle is to embed XULRunner (Wikipedia, Home, MozillaWiki, Tutorial, Use in Eclipse) into NetBeans.

The notion seems reasonable but this is not my area, so, if you can provide feedback, please check out Winston's post. The actual NetBeans proposal is WebPageDesigner, the proposal for the prerequired embedding is EmbeddebBrowser.